Opening up to someone is as hard as building up walls around you.
Lately, I've discovered that being so caught up in your bubble, your own shell, won't be able to do you any good. Ever. It's gonna drown you in sorrow, and keep you from knowing; from learning other things that you can grasp, if you just give yourself a chance to do so. You gotta let your guard down to learn. You gotta try things you've never done before. You gotta learn to trust. People these days are, honestly speaking, hard to trust. It takes a whole lot of courage and faith to be able to trust someone and let that person see the whole you -- the obvious things, your feelings, your whereabouts and thoughts, even your dreams. Once you find that someone worth your stories, you can now say that you've learned how to open up and come out of your own shell -- or let that other person in your world. You mirror each other in everything you do and you feel that you've found a great person that you can turn to forever. Your soulmate. With that person, you are carefree and happy. You can be yourself and you can tell him everything. (Even the fact that you talk with your dog like you're talking to a baby.) I guess, for people to open up to you, you gotta learn how to let yourself be known to them first. Let them feel how much you care, how you want to be there for them. It's hard at the start, but you'll learn and you'll get used to it. You'd be surprised at how the days seem lighter and more meaningful once you've learned to listen and care. To open up. And it's not only because you've found someone you can trust. It's because you know there's someone who understands you more than anyone else in this world.
ErinValcourt ErinValcourt
22-25, F
Dec 21, 2013