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We married for 1 year only. Sex experience in the past year is kinda conservative - we just made love in our bed. What I tried before: make love with curtain up, 3p fantasy...but she doesn't like them at all.

We will travel to another city for our anniversary and will stay there for a few days. I do want to try something new, but she is a little shy. Any  good idea to try as a start?

You may post here or preferred to email me Thanks a lot!

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Be honest of what you want and sure that u want to involve you partner, talk about it and try to find what she really wants. A suggestion is have first web cam sex with some one she feels OK but she dose not know. Let her decide if it is OK for you to watch her get naked and playful with other man or women and see if she feels no shame or guilt after this, this will let you find both of you if is a style of sexual behavior the would make you happy. DO NOT RUSH IN TO IT"""""""""""""""""

as a woman we all have a kinky u just gat to bring hers out try buying her some sexy tongs an bars then tell her model it for u.when she puts it on make sure tell her how good she looks an how turned on u r she is newly married she wants to please u so try this an message me let me no how it goes

By "3p fantasy" do you mean a *********? That's a pretty big jump from "kinda conservatice" sex. I'd wait a while before springing that one on her.<br />
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I might recommend watching some ****** or going to an adult bookstore as a start. See what turns her on and what turns her off.