I'm Am Into All Sorts Of Diff ****

I love to try new things aNything there is just sumthing about new that excites me I would trade places with a girl and let her be me and **** me like I would her dominated and playing out fantisys is what I have always wanted idef love all that new crazy kinky stuff esp when my girl gets into it and shes maken all sorts of noises and holden me as tight as she can squees wail shes getting off its great like i had sex with her on a beach one year it was late but the patrol was still commin around we almost got cought like 12 times but manfged to finish the only thing that suxed was passing out in bed with 40 lbs of sand in my boxers and paints and getting it all over the bed so uncomfortable but anyways thanks for rreading
athree50seven athree50seven
Jul 19, 2010