My Wife And I Are Always Open To New Experiences

My wife and I are sexually adventurous and open-minded. We have always openly shared fantasies that we make an effort to realize all of our fantasies. When discussing sex, its very liberating to be open and letting my wife know that I am talking about something very important to her. You never know what your spouse likes unless you talk. Most of my fantasies are so compatible with my wife's fantasies, including my bisexual fantasies. Confide all of who you really are. No masks. Share everything, including your wildest fantasies. Fantasies aren’t good or bad and there should be no judgment involved. Having a wild fantasy doesn’t mean it has to be expressed in reality. We lay down together and letting our carnal emotions take over our bodies by putting our minds at ease by allowing us to lead each other into never ending ecstasy. Unspoken agreements invite hands wandering in an uncontrollable passion within sensual forces.

One day, I said to my wife: " I am biting softly on your neck so I am able to release your inhibitions and provoke to to take advantage of me. Hot sexual senses provokes kinky desires, look inside my eyes, mind and soul, because you know me very well. Taste my inner being of my passion, I want you to experience me by tasting my sweet love and I want you to enjoy my love and know me from within without limits. Explore me completely without restrictions. I dare you to explore what in your mind sexually and do them. Take me, I am yours. Use me, I love to please you."

We are kinky and very sexual couple. We don't limit ourselves when it comes to sex. We explore almost anything as long as they just us and not seriously hurting each other. Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. We are both very open- minded and have tried many different kinks. Keeping sex fresh, interesting and spicy is sometimes the biggest challenge for many couples which therefore, pushing the sexual boundaries are often fun. Everything a couple do together sexually should be building up positively and towards each other. I truly believe that everyone has a kinky side which motivates them to go beyond the traditional sexual behavior and discover other sexual preferences and experiment with all that they consider different from the conventional. I have discovered that revealing the kinky side of me opens up doors to sexual expression and pleasure that not only adds spice to my romantic life with my wife, but bonds us more closely that nothing else can. Being kinky means I am exercising my imagination, and I am playing with my wife. We both enjoy sex to the fullest without restraining ourselves.
scottishman1958 scottishman1958
51-55, M
Jul 20, 2010