Bring On The Pudd'n

When I got home this afternoon, one of the ladies in our Pleasure Circle was visiting with my wife. As they were both grinning, I knew something was up. (Our Group is make up of my wife, myself, and four others.) My wife said Faye Ann had heard an idea and wanted to try it. Without any thought I said "Well go right ahead". Then they told me I was included in their idea. Faye Ann had read of an idea to inject some pudding into a ***** and ******* it in. My initial reaction was that it sounds dumb. They had made some banana cream pudding and refridgerated it. They had thought about ketchup & french dressing but came back to pudding as ketchup and french dressing may evolve into a mess.

I took a quick shower and we all three adjourned to our Pleasure Room. As Faye Ann had researched the idea and wanted to try it the girls decided to let her have first try. She reclined on her back on the massage table. I helped her hold her legs and feet as far back as possible while my wife injected the cream pudding into her *****. She yelped and jerked a little as the first spurt entered her open ****. Completing the injection I released her legs and she moved to the bed. On her back, knees open & raised with feet flat on the bed, I assume my position to mount her saddle and ride.

As I prepared to mount her, I supported my weight on my hands and knees. The only part of me touching her, initially was to be my ****. She grasped my ***** and guided the head into her **** for initial insertion. The pudding felt somewhat runny which surprised me. I didn't think it would warm up that quick.

With the head of my *****, I started a circular motion of my pelvis area and continued this motion as I moved forward into Fay Ann. We each adjusted our bodily positions some for maximum comfort. I gave an extra forward quick thrust to make myself fully seated as close to her womb as I could get. She grunted and took and hard breath at this point. My wife had been sucking and licking Faye Ann's nipples while I completed the insertion. I started a very deep, gentle stroke, slow paced. I have ****** Faye Ann vaginally and anally and I know how she likes me to go into her but I still feel for any responses she may have. She is just a great ****.

After a period of slow paced *******, she asked that I pick it up some as she was beginning to feel a *** about to hit. I changed my position ever so little and tried For pounding on her ****. In this position and motion I hit the lower are of her vaginal cavity. She asked my wife to digitally stimulate her G spot. Having someone's finger and my ***** in her ***** does not sound compatible but my wife had stretched her pubby opening upward to meet her request. I hadn't made a dozen stroke in this position and *** #1 hit. She stiffens, arching her body up off the bed for a moment, falling back to the bed and ******* around a bit. She asked my wife to cease G spot stimulation. I rammed toward her womb with all my might and held there.

She rolled both of us over, closed her legs and started ******* on me. After stroking a bit, she truned her body to about a 25 or 30 degree angle to mine and continued ******* on me. Asking for insertion of her but plug, my approached her, opened her *** cheeks, and applied some warmed lube. Also lubing her but plug, she initiated insertion of the butt plug. This is a big butt plug. Anytime I have ever observed this event, a come away amazed. This is a BIG butt plug. She takes so easily. But we use very good lube.

Butt plug in place she straightened her body to be in line with mine and rose to a Top Riding position on me. I pulled her nipples down to my mouth to lick, bite and fondle them. I then massaged her thighs into her vaginal area. Grasping her waste, I pulling her down hard on me while ramming up into her and shaking her. She remarked that when I do this, it just takes her wind away. So I did it a couple more times. By now, banana cream pudding was running all over but it did produce a different feeling. I rammed up into her a couple more time as she leaned forward on my ***** and BOOM - *** #2. I pulled her **** down onto my ***** as hard as I could and told her I was going to spray my juices into her womb and right out her mouth if possible. Her **** muscle had a grip on my ***** like a vice. After remaining tight a few moments, she twisted around into a Reverse Cow Girl position.

I raised my knees with feet flat on the bed. She supported her upper body on my knees and I grasped her thighs and calves and pulled on her for maximum penetration. She was ******* up and down on my ****. When able, I pushed in on her butt plug which made her entire pelvic area to jiggle. Her *** is so cute when making this jiggling motion - she moans very lightly. Raising the upper portion of my body, I grasped each side of her waste and pulled her back onto my ***** a s hard as I could. I could feel her **** muscles making an alternating gripping motion on me. She was starting to *** again. I started a very dedicated plunging into her, pulling her at the same time. She let out a groan, stiffened, fell forward and her body spasmed. *** #3. I blew a load into her which was more of a geyser that just a load. I haven't come so hard in a long time.

After some rest and relaxing (maybe even a few winks), we all three went to the shower. While in the shower, my wife administered a fragrant douche to Faye Ann To make sure all of the puddn was washed out. As Faye Ann leaned back again the shower wall I held her ***** lips wide open as a fine cleansing spray was aimed to her ***** cavity.

Back in our Great Room enjoying some adult beverage, we discussed Using the pudd'n during anal. We decided we would float our experience and the anal idea with the rest of the groupd before doing it again. Neither Faye Ann or I felt and negative results but neither felt anything out of the ordinary was experienced either. Faye Ann and my wife together provide a great deal of fun and enjoyment.
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awesome story, has made me very hard indeed.

I ate my wife out while eating Chunky Monkey icecream. It has chocolate bananas in it and a couple disappeared. Molten chocolate made a mess of the sheets as it tricked out when we were otherwise occupied. LOL.

damn sprint!!! MEEEE TOOOOO!!!!! what a hot story i am soooo horny right now!