Everytime It Is New Experience With You..

After seeing you today, I feel an immediate need to kiss you on your broad forehead, kiss your bright eyes and sensual lips. Your ear lobs, with some shiny diamond/pearl, look so appealing that I feel like biting them. You being such a hot woman, I would love to French kiss you for as long as it takes.

Moving on to your slender neck and sexy shoulders, I would take your top off, feeling your boobs underneath your bra. I would play with your boobs and gently take your bra off. Now that your boobs are free, I would hold them in my hands and massage them. I can feel that your nipples are getting erect and ready for my lips to suckle them. As I am writing this, my **** is standing in complete command and respect for your beautiful figure. Your hand moves on to my erect **** and feels it while I am still wearing my shorts.

Your touch is very electrifying and my **** jumps to the full length with your sensual touch.

I am then asking you to get up from your chair to release your shorts and panty from your body. Simultaneously, I remove my shorts too.

You get down on your knees to slowly and gently accommodate my entire erect **** into your sensual mouth. You suck my **** and I am holding your hair and pushing your head even deeper to suck my ****. You suck it so well making all sorts of moaning sounds.

I now go to your chair and sit on the chair and you are sitting on your knees to suck my ****. I have never experienced such a great **** sucking before in my life. You are pushing and revolving your tongue in such a luring way. You suck the entire length of my ****.

While you are sucking, I am holding your boobs in my hands and massaging them so well. They almost become red with my vigorous massage.

After the boobs massage, my hands moves to your hot and dripping ***** (my **** is still in your mouth sucking with great interest). I get hold of your clitoris and play with it. You find it very difficult to control that and asking me remove my fingers otherwise you would ***.

I remove my fingers from the clitoris and push a couple of them into your wet ****.

You moan like a real ***** when my fingers are inside your hot ****.I order you to remove my **** from your mouth and ask you to lick my ******* now. You immediately obey me and start licking my *******, ******* it properly. I like the way you dart your tongue inside my hole many a times. My ******* is wet with your saliva. You then gently insert a couple of your fingers inside my hole and I scream out of sheer pleasure. While your fingers are in my *******, you continue sucking my ****. This lasts for hours, I think.

We together then move to the bed and I order you to sleep on your stomach.

I give you a nice and somewhat rough massage on your body starting with your sexy shoulders and neck. Moving onto your back and sumptuous buttocks, I massage them for a few minutes.

I then open your buttocks and bring myself down to lick your *******. I find it very exciting to do so. Now it is my turn to make your ******* wet with my saliva. All these things are now too much for me to bear, the excitement is tremendous. I gently push my **** into your inviting ******* which gulps down my **** as it as it just a thin pencil. I **** you in your ******* until it is dry and by now you have *** at least 3 times. But you want more..

You are still not satisfied and beg me to **** you in your **** but I refuse to do so, saying that my punishment for your ******* is still not over......

The rest of the story at some other time.......
chalucha chalucha
46-50, M
Aug 4, 2010