My Mr X And Our New Sexual Experince ...

I have just had the most exciting sex of my life with my boyfriend..

I had been sharing with my boyfriend about my fantasy that i had fulfilled driving naked in the dark and wanted him to share this experience with me..
So on the way back to mine we decided to try it together..
I could hardly wait and was like a child waiting for him to get ready to leave.

It was just getting dark when we left so we drove about a mile and again pulled into a lane to kiss and then we ******** off all our clothes .. giggling and slightly nervous we started to drive ..
I could feel my boyfriend was excited.. his heart was pumping faster ..
It had started to rain and he said that he wanted me to pull over.
I couldn't wait and knew of a forest near by .. it was late with the rain gently falling .. we kissed and got out of the car . he passionate held me and kissed me hard pressing his body next to mine .. i could feel how excited he was and bent over the bonnet .. it was warm and it just felt so sexy.
Just as i was getting into it i slipped lol on all fours in a puddle .. i started to giggle ..
He was so attentive but i wasn't hurt and to be honest it just bought another dimension to the fun ..
So i dusted myself off and i climbed onto the bonnet laid back onto the warmth of the hood and let him pleasure me while i was looking up through the tree's and feeling the warm of the rain and him on my body ...
Seeing his silhouette in the moonlight was the most amazing and wonderful sight, it bought me so close to him and
i know from this minute to my last days that this image will be with me forever.
I want to thank my sexy man for being in my life and making me feel that i am now complete <3
I hope to have many more times as special as this .. x
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5 Responses May 4, 2012

Bravo, now that is a Romantic story...Congrats and make more memories....Thanks for sharing. :)

yes love to have sex outdoors and in public mmm


A very hot story!! Love getting naked driving! Take it up a notch and do it in daylight!!! You won't regret it!! It's so exciting!!!

it was all started with you J x