The Joy Of Tantric Sex

A major element of tantric sex is raising the sexual energy, spreading it and progressively sensitising the whole body and then feeling that energy rippling throughout.

These words were written by my partner and express beautifully her extraordinary feelings.

"After we have shared our tantric ritual preparation, my partner and I slip into bed and hold each other, breathing together. We gently kiss and caress each other's bodies. My partner kisses my lips, neck, arms, nipples, stomach, and thighs. Sometimes my feet, backs of my knees, calves, back, buttocks, shoulders. 

My partner is a master of energy control. As he pleasures me with oral stimulation, he is bringing energy up from his root chakra, up through his spine, and out from his heart, through his tongue and hands. I feel an electricity coming out of him and into me. 

   I meditate upon the sexual energy within my body and between us. In my mind I am feeling, seeing and sensing only the experience of this sexual foreplay. I concentrate upon his tongue and the skin directly underneath, each stroke feeling uniquely magnificent to the skin being caressed. I delve into the details of my skin - how each inch, fold, and cell engorges with pleasure. I feel the shape and texture of his tongue, the pressure as it moves, the rate at which it slowly and steadily explores me. A thin layer of soft moisture lies between my skin and his tongue. Through my yoni I feel the beating of his heart pounding through his tongue. Each portion of my yoni's delicate skin begins to swell and expand, opening and warming. 

    Up inside my yoni, my walls are moistening and enlarging, and my cherished g-spot is beginning to grow. I can almost hear it calling for attention, asking for touch, reaching outward, seeking pleasure. He licks me from my knees, up my inner thighs, onto every piece of my yoni, not forgetting a spot. Each area he pleasures swells, and with this size grows an intoxicating ecstasy within my body. I now visualize the size of my yoni and the size of his tongue growing very large. My outer labia swells, my inner lips open, my clitoris turns a hard, ruby red. Now in my mind, larger and larger I grow my yoni and his tongue, so that I begin to meditate upon more and more specific details of both of us. The more details I see, the more places that pleasure sinks its way into me. 

    I visualize my sacred yoni as three times its natural size, in vivid detail. The individual nerves on my skin pulsate in ecstasy. With every touch of his tongue the cells of my yoni expand and engorge.

    When my partner brings me to first ******, after perhaps one hour, orgasmic waves overwhelm my body.  Each area of my yoni - the lips, the inner walls, my **** - is having its own unique rhythmic rippling of pleasure, a subset that is convulsing in perfect harmony with the waves of ****** singing through my whole body, from head to toe!"

From this partners point of view it is also wonderful to know that I am helping my partner reach her sexual pleasure potential. If you have not ventured into tantric sex then you are missing life's greatest gift.

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I wish I could find a tantric massage in Calif

I am sure you can find one online, if you go looking. Enjoy

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