Try Anything Once...

I was once in a band and the drummer was a short guy with a great fashion sense and had an amazing girlfriend. One night when out clubbing with them we went to the chill out room to talk. They were a very open couple and started to share stories of their sex life together. They were really hot and got us all going.

At the end of the night we headed for our taxis and his girl suggested that I could stay over at theirs as I was a bit short on my fare.

He didn't protest and jumped in the taxi and instead of his girl getting in next she pushed me in then squashed up at the side of me. We chatted more but kept it clean as not to freak out the driver and by the time we got to theirs we were all feeling the drink really kicking in.

They lived in a shared house so we made our way straight to their room and once inside she immediatley started to undress. Her body was amazing and even though I had been checking her out all night I was still suprised by what I saw. She knew what she was doing and so did he...

I asked where I was to sleep and he got me a duvet and a pillow and asked if I would be ok on the floor. Not one to over step the mark I said it would be ok and took off my jeans and got comfortable. He then turned out the light and undressed. In the moonlight coming from the window I could just make out his slim build and thats when I started to get butterflies. I knew then that I wanted to mess around with them both.

After a couple of minutes I could hear them both kissing and shuffling around on the bed. Then came the question from the girl. Are you sure you are ok down there. Followed by him saying that he felt guilty and I should get in with them.

It didnt take me long to take up their offer.

Once in bed they started to kiss again and my awkwardness was soon taken over by horniness as he laid on top of her. I couldn't work out at first but was soon certain that he was was ******* her slowly.

My hand slipped down to my stiffening **** and was greated by her then his hand in turn. It felt great so I rolled closer. It was the first time I had been next to someone *******.

After a few minutes of me stroking his back I slid my hand down to his *** then further round to his balls where I could feel her wetness covering him.

I thought  I had gone too far because he stopped and got off his girl but no chance he was actually getting closer to me. He moved his head down to my **** and took me in his mouth. It felt great. He knew exactly what to do. I thought that this wouldnt take long and I would blow but just aty the right time he moved his way back up and started to rub his **** on mine.

The girl now making all sorts of noise whilst playing with herself grabbed both our ***** in one hand and rubbed them together. Within seconds he exploded onto my belly and and I did the same shorlty after. The girl took this has her cue and on all fours with us both on our backs lapped up our ***** whilst fingering herself hard.

Exhausted we slummped together and slept...

We awoke early the next day slightly embarresed at what we had done. Over breakfast we talked and agreed this was our secret... but talking made us worse and once they knew the house was empty we showered together and..... Well thats for another story...

I have always been willing to try anything once and if it's always that good I don't see why anyone shouldn't feel the same way.

Happy playing x
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May 16, 2012