Finding My Dark Hole...

I didn't take long from starting to **** to exploring more of what my body could do and what I could do to it.

One evening after school (I was probably about 12) whilst in my room I was playing and slowly teasing myself I started to wonder what iot would feel like to have something in my ***.

I dipped my finger in my mouth to get it lubed up and started to push it lightly against my anus. To my suprise it didn't take long and didn't hurt a bit before It slipped in. The pressure inside was amazing and as I rolled onto all fours I remeber looking down to my **** to see I was almost milking the pre *** out of me. The ****** I had that night was huge but bigger ones were to follow....

Soon my fingers were not enough so I looked for other things to use such as a hair brush, thick marker pens and even the handle of the sink plunger. The latter was amazing when I was home alone. I would go into the toilet at stick the plunger end to the wall tiles and back onto to it whilst wanking hard.

As time moved on I got more and more daring and one day whilst sneaking round my older sisters room I found a ***** which within seconds was in me. I would kneel down and sit on it. Taking it all as I played.

Over the past few years I have had girlfriends that have rimmed me and fingered me but no one quite does it like I can...

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1 Response May 17, 2012

Oh...I have enjoyed fingering my man's *** since our first encounter, roughly five months ago :-) He **** so much harder with my middle finger buried deeply within him. Recently, I have begun to tongue his ******* and have even ventured inside a few times. He LOVES it...<br />
<br />
During our last encounter, I asked if he'd like to try one of my vibes in his ***. He excitedly agreed to try it. I slid it in oh so slowly. At first, I didn't think he enjoyed it, because he asked me to remove it fairly quickly. Then, after we switched positions and I was on the bottom, I witnessed him roughly ramming it back in, and then sitting down on it and he ground into my *****. Totally hot...and worth repeating :-)

You betcha! I have a HUGE appreciation for assplay! Pun intended...