Grown Up And Love It!

My husband and I have grown so much over years in both confidence in our commitment to each other but also in our own sexual capacities. My husband Terry has been fairly liberal in his sexual attitudes but in our approach as a couple, he will tell you he has become stronger in giving unconditionally. I have found in allowing myself to let "my hair down" I need the freedom to do, without worry or concern how me might feel after I do". I feel he does that with love ! And we always, ALWAYS, have a wonderful emotionally high loving reconnection with each other afterward. Our openess to new things and trying is just great, but it's come after many hours of open discussion and communication about sex - all facets.  That said, I still want to feel that I have an exit plan available to me should I find any new or old experience is not really within the taste of what I enjoy. So I and my husband pretty approach any new experience with some discussion of what we'll do if feel a thumbs up or a thumbs down.
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Sounds like you have a great relationship

We think it couldn't be better. She is my world wrapped up in a bundle of energy and love. Thanks for your kind note!

Wonderful that you and your husband have that kind of open relationship. It is all about as you said trust and communication. Explore, push boundaries and always ensure that your partner is with you and expressing his or her feelings.