Starfish Streaming Sex

I don't know if anyone here has ever tried this, but last night at the weekly sex addiction group I belong to we did something called Starfish Streaming Sex. We were at a house where there was a huge family room. We moved all the furniture out of the way and put cushions and pillows down to lay on. Then the females all lay down on the cushions and a timer is set for two minutes. The men all get a random girl and when told to begin ******* her. After two minutes the timer dings (this was an electronic/digital timer that was set in two minute periods and reset and started over after each two minutes was over) and the men all change to the girl on their left and start again.

The object is to see which men can last longest and keep on ******* after each two minute period. By the time we finished - we had gone (I think) about eight or nine rounds when the first man lost his load and had to sit it out. Then two more came a couple of rounds later. Mind you, each time a man **** there is one more girl lying there with no one ******* her, so she has to stimulate herself if she is going to keep enjoying the evening until the next round when there is a man in her *****.

I hope I'm not being too crude for anyone here. Don't read this if you don't want raw, pure hard-core sex. I had a blast. Casey (my boyfriend for those who don't know me well) was the third to *** and sit it out and I had some periods when I had to finger myself for a round or two. Finally there were only two guys left and they were doing two minutes on each and every woman there and it was a lot of fun. Both of these guys were the oldest men in the group (I won't tell their age, but they could be my dads). Finally, the next to the oldest won and got to pick the girl he wanted to *** in. It wasn't me, but I still had a great time.

Try this at your next party. You have to start with an equal number of male/female participants. Drinking is obviously allowed and encouraged.
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really hot

I like your group


That sounds like fun!

so jealous....

didn't know her, but do wish she would be back too. Pretty sure I can get a proper room together, just not sure if I can get equal numbers together

awesome party idea!

Omg I want to join a group like this! You are too cool sweetheart!

Wow! You have me all standing at attention. I need a whoel circle of women to **** right now to ease my tension. Such a hot game. Unfortunately I don't know ANYONE who would join me in a game like this. I watched a video last night of a woman ******* 28 men and having many of the cumm in her and she had several *******. She even got pregnant by them. I did not know any woman could handle that kind of *******. So, as I dont have a circle I will have to ********** and see how long before I cumm. Not much fun.

Can you get me a date for your next meeting? ;-)

A fun game for sure!!

I wonder how this would work with the men on their backs and the women changing every 2 minutes? Of course, don't know how you'd eliminate girls that way. Guess if she couldn't stand up, she'd be eliminated.

Is it called Starfish Streaming Sex because of the way the girls are lined up in a circle in the centre of the room or do you know something about the sex life of starfish that I don't know (yet)? ;)

No it' just cus of the pattern that we call it that. Silly. :)

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

i want to come to one of these parties sounds brilliant

Get a group started in your area. It's loads of fun.

Love the idea of your sex addiction group! Wish I could join one like that.

If you can't find one, start one.

I take it y'all are not trying to overcome your sex addiction...o.0

We don't believe any can truly overcome sex addiction and we believe if oyu try to ignore it or repress it you get worse. Lots to back us up on this belief. We believe it's best to just have sex all you want in a controlled environment so you control the sex, not the sex controls you. We are all on call to each other and if one of us needs sex, instead of that person going out looking for sex from strangers we call someone and get together and have a ball (literally). lol It works wonders.

Wow, dial-an-****...*jealous*

lol Don't be jealous, either find or start a group like this.

That is a brilliant idea! Love

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well, you learn something new every day!

Oh sit. I forgot to say why it's called Starfish Sex, because we lay with our heads together and our bodies pointed out so when viewed form above we look like a starfish. lol DUH!