Round 2

My bull was leaving town for a while and since we'd only had the one encounter (The First Time He Shared Me), we were crazy for each other. Thoughts of his thick **** had been driving me crazy and my bf had been less than satisfactory during sex lately.
We made plans to meet up the Friday before he left, since my roommate was away. He met me at my place just after I got home from my mani/pedi, French tips of course ;)
I barely had time to close and lock the door before he threw me against it and pressed his hard body into mine. My hands were immediately in his hair, pulling him closer to me. I grinded my hips into his and soaked my panties when I felt his growing **** rub against my ****.
We quickly went upstairs and I quickly took my dress off. He took his shirt off and tackled me onto the bed. He slipped his fingers into my panties to find my ***** already extremely wet. The combination of knowing I'd soon have his big thick **** inside me, stretching my little *****, and knowing you were close by, waiting to hear me scream and *** on his ****, made me crazy. My sexy fireman ripped my panties off and kissed his way towards my aching *****. I almost forgot to tell him to stop. I told him if he wants to eat my sweet little *****, or **** my face, he needs to get a test. I may be a ****, but I'm a smart **** ;)
I fought the temptation to put his **** down my throat as he took his jeans and boxers off. Luckily he rolled a condom on, and rubbed the tip over my ***** before pushing the entire length inside me. We both groaned loudly, and my ***** squeezed tightly at the thought of finally being able to properly **** this beautiful ****. He moved me so my back was up against the wall and I couldn't move, only scream, as he started to pound his **** into me ruthlessly. He put his hands up on the wall above me and kept going, harder and harder. Every time I was about to ***, he'd change up his position or rhythm, keeping me on the edge the entire time. Now I really wanted to ride his ****. When I'd fully sunk down and taken his whole ****, I could feel him in my stomach. It felt ******* amazing. I rode his **** hard and fast, then slow and deep, loving the feeling of him so deep inside me. He spent the whole time trying not to ***, until he finally got up and flipped me over so I was on all fours, facing the mirror so I could watch us. He put one hand in my hair and the other on my hip, just how he knows I love, and started pounding into my ***** again. I was screaming and moaning and watching him **** my slutty little ***** over and over. He continued to keep me on the edge of ******* until he flipped me over again, put my back against the wall, and ****** me hard into wall. I told him he'd better *** this time, then he really started to **** me. I started making noises I couldn't control, thankful for the blaring music so my neighbours didn't call the cops.
Then he gave me a few really hard, really deep thrusts and I started to ***, my ***** squeezing and milking his **** and his entire body convulsed as he came deep inside.
After he left, I made sure I left my hair just as messy, my make up just as smeared as he made it, put on a dress that hugged my curves and called you. You had been outside the whole time and were inside my place not a minute later. You followed me upstairs as I described what had just happened. Soon you were naked in my bed, my ***** so sensitive from being so ruthlessly ****** only 5 minutes before, and I could feel every detail of your **** as you pushed your way inside my slutty used ***** and gave me the best ****(s) of my life.
We will definitely be doing this again
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