Teach Me!

With my sordid past, I used to think that there was nothing new under the sexual son, but have had my eyes opened. It is actually reach an old dog new tricks.. The old dog simply has to enjoy what the new tricks do for him{or her}.  To get set in just a few ways of sex makes it not boring, but, well boring.  The zip just isn't there anymore.  Variety, rotation{use the old stock first, but try the new stuff just tot see what IS new}, and staying in the game keeps you on the front line. I NEVER say no, but always say, sure, lets try THAT, it could be fun.  Strange how most of the time it IS.  Those women{especially!} and men who do not try ANY new experience may as well sit and die.  What a boring way to exist.  If you have lived only on apples, then try a peach or maybe a nectarine, WOW! Where did THAT come from?  Keep things new and constantly changing so you and all you LIVE{have sex} with will be forever happy.
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Sep 11, 2012