Double Massage Experience - Loved Seeing My Wifes **** Being Massaged

This was a new experience for my wife and I this week. Enjoy!

So, after a few months apart due to traveling for work and other commitments my wife and I decided to spend the day together on Tuesday – some much needed R & R.

As you may have gathered we live in Africa at the moment, in a capital city which is quite sparse on R&R type places so we decided to go to a hotel popular for its gym, spa, sauna and massage. For about $40 each you can spend the day relaxing and have a massage.

My wife and I decided to have a ‘joint’ massage that means you are basically in the same room as each other while the Masseuse or Masseur go to work.

After using the gym and having a shower I made my way to the dimly lit massage room where my wife was already lying on her front with a small towel covering her ***. She was being attended to by an African Masseur about my height and build. My African masseuse was a few years younger than me, perhaps late twenties or early thirties, wearing a short nurses-like white dress. She was a very pretty lady.

I slipped off the towel and lay front down on the table. For twenty minutes my wife and I chatted to each other and occasionally spoke to the Masseuse and Masseur who chipped in with the odd question or remark. The massage was great and the atmosphere relaxed.

My wife turned over first and I was all of the sudden extremely turned on seeing her wonderful **** exposed for us all to see. She had a small towel covering her middle area but seeing her Masseur starting to massage her legs, especially the thigh areas was getting me even more turned on. When it was time for me to turn over for my front to be massaged everyone noticed as I accidentally exposed my erect ****. My wife just widened her eyes at me and my masseuse grinned and left her hand linger on my stomach in a rather suggestive manner.

My erect **** was pretty obvious as it was making a tent out of the small towel! The Masseur started on my feet and worked her way up to my thigh areas and inside leg, this did nothing to subdue my hardness. Add to that the masseur on my wife was now gently pouring oil onto her stomach starting massaging her stomach and then her ****. Her nipples become hard and I noticed through the small pair of shorts her masseur was wearing that he had a huge hard ****. He didn’t at all seemed concerned by any of this and I noticed he was rubbing his **** against my wifes arm as was leaning over her. My wife looked my way and just let out a gentle and satisfied moan.

Meanwhile, and not to be outdone it seemed, my masseuse was very close to my balls and **** as she rubbed up and down on my inner leg. She caught my wifes eyes and it was as if some secret conversation happened between them, “Is it ok to touch his ****? Do you mind?”, “Oh please do, I’m loving this”. With that her hand gently stroked my balls and **** upwards underneath the towel and she left her hand there for a few seconds, just gently gripping my ****. With her other hand she removed the towel and I must admit, despite being incredibly turned on also felt vulnerable with my hard **** on display to the other three.

With her right hand gently wanking me off her left hand was rubbing my chest, the sensation of the warm oil and this strangers hand wanking me off was just magnificent. Looking across at my wife she was now having the same treatment, her masseur had one hand rubbing her **** and playing with her very erect nipples and the other hand underneath the small towel obviously touching her *****, her legs now parted enough to give him all the access he needed. My wife couldn’t resist giving him a helping hand and while the towel dropped away I could see my wife touching herself and her masseurs left hand slowly moving back and forth, I could hear the squelch of her ***** juices.

This was explosive stuff and I didn’t feel an ounce of jealously seeing my wife receiving so much pleasure. She looked across at me and tried to mouth some words but I couldn’t really make out what she was saying as she was now panting quite a bit, I just nodded. My Masseur was now wanking me off faster and faster and I slid my hand to see if she would resist me caressing her ***. She didn’t object at all and before I knew it I had my hand behind her digging in between her legs, through her knickers and gently rubbing her ***** lips which were so wet. She was enjoying it and started to slowly grind and move her ***** onto my fingers. I looked at my wife for approval but she was close to *******, so was I. My wife usually loves kissing when she **** so she pushed her head up towards her Masseur and he duly obliged and bent into her and they entered into a long kiss as she squealed and moaned out an ******.

This of course was too much for me and my Masseuse could tell what was going to happen, she bent down and took my **** into her mouth just as my **** exploded. I didn’t expect her to do that as I was expecting to see my *** shoot up into the air but now was in and over her mouth. My wife who was just finishing her own ****** was just staring. My Masseur went over to her and started kissing her. My wife was surprised and almost tuned away but soon enough was engaged in another long passionate kiss. I lifted my fingers to smell and taste the wonderful wetness of my Masseurs ***** juices.

My wifes Masseur looked at me and nodded and then kissed my wife on the cheek – well away from her *** smothered lips, and left the room. My Masseuse also left the without looking at either of us but did say “bye”. My wife and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. This was a first for us and we both seemed to love it as much as each other.

My masseuse approached me later in the day when I was ordering some drinks at the bar and said that the extra massage services were charged extra. “Ok” I said and handed over about $40 which she seemed delighted at. I didn’t tell my wife though.

My wife admitted when we were reliving the experience and having sex later that day that she wanted to suck her masseurs **** and would I mind next time. We’ve booked to go back next month for some more R&R, can you blame us?
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6 Responses Sep 12, 2012

Down in Reno where we go a few times each year we get massages, they are called "tandems". The first massages were just that, but as they got comfortable with us, things got rather intimate.
At one point the wife's masseur leaned in at the foot of the table, using his thumbs to flick upwards over her as the woman gave me a hand finish.
It was a surprise at first, then one hell of a kick. We have now had many such sessions, but never more than just touching.

wow ! what a amazing experience. It turned me on.How was the next one?

Wow that was hot! Most men wouldn't allow their wives any enjoyment.

Sounds like a bargain at any price.

awesome story, what a massage, we need to have more of them in australia, would love to take my wife along!!

What a fantastic and erotic experience. My wife and I also live in Africa and have double massages from time to time though not quite like this though we would be open to it! We usually let the masseuses leave the room and then make passionate love as we are all oil up. wonderfully sensual and erotic!