Must Not Leave Money At Home!

So today I got in a taxi as usual to get to work. As I arrive I realise that I have forgotten my purse. The driver isn't pleased to say the least! I felt really embarrassed and I got really flustered and then my mouth just came out with.... "Is there anything I can do to make up for it?"

He looked me in the eyes for what seemed like an eternity when eventually he said "I want to stretch your arsehole"

The way he said it was so deadpan and dry that it took me by surprise!

I said "I beg your pardon?" and he said "You heard, I want to stretch your arsehole"

"You want to **** me in my arse?" I said. "No" he said "I want to STRETCH your arsehole"

"I don't know what you mean by that really" I said, but I had a good idea!

he continued "I want you to take off your skirt and you knickers in the back seat and then turn around so your bum is facing me. Then I'm gonna put 2 fingers from each hand in your arse and pull it wide open. Then I'm gonna take a picture of it on my phone"

By this time I was getting a little wet and I'm sure he could smell it. I did as he asked and before i knew it he was forcing his fingers up my tight bumhole. He was stretching me SO wide and I felt so slutty. when all of a sudden, I'm ashamed to say, I accidentally let some **** fall out of my *** and onto his carpeted floor! But he didn't even stop! he just kept on stretching me wider and wider! Then i heard the camera noise on his phone and i realised that he had finished so i just put my skirt back on and got out of the car. He didn't say a word and just drove off. I felt ashamed at first as I walked in to work but as the day went on i felt really slutty and dirty and my ***** started gushing!
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11 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Damn! I wish I were your taxi driver! But I want to do you on the trunk and take your panties with me!

Damn, i have to take a part time as taxi driver too baby

hey why did he not ****** u *** hole from back like a doggy style ? where he could do that to u right , that's means he was generous man with good intention dear ....!

Honey, anyone who plays with the Hershey highway expects an occasional chocolate drop! Wondering what the next passenger thought??

awesome story!!! Very unexpected morning???

If he used both hands to spread your *******, what did he use to hold the phone and take the picture?

That is so ******* hot

If that is true, it is hot and hilarious all at once - thanks!

damn your incredible - think i am going to buy a taxi myself

Thats pretty hot. I would have enjoyed seeing that.

so when do you need your next ride?lol