I Am Up For Anything

Back when I was still merried my wife and I had the best sex life. I would do anything she would ask. I remember one night she just walked up to me with this long flowing skirt on. She looked at me and said eat my ***** now. So I lifted her skirt and went to town. After about 20 minutes. She stopped me. Then she asked me if I loved her. I said yes you know I do. She th then then turned around and bent down over the coffee table. She then said show me you love me. Eat my *** like it was my *****. Now I have never done This before. I never even thought a about trying it. But I did as she asked. It was weird at first. It tasted a bit salty. She was clean but I guess I was tasting her swet. She responded in a way I didn't expect. She shuttered in a way she never had before. I really got turned on by this. So I started forcing my toung into her ***. I did this for about 5minutes. Then she told me to stop and get undressed. So I did as I was told. She then told me to sit on the couch. So I did. She got on her knees and started to give me the best blow job ever. But about 5 minutes into it she started to make it the wetiest blow job ever. She then told me to close my eyes a she got up. She then sat on my lap facing me. So I knew I was going to get to **** her. But I didn't know I was going to get to **** her in the ***. She lined my **** with her tight *******. Then in one move she pushed all the way down. I entered her clear to my balls in one move. The feeling was unbelievable. She let out a cry. I thought I hurt her so I opened my eyes. She then told me that this is what she wants and to keep my eyes closed. So I did. She began to **** me with a viger she never had before. I must say it was great. And she had the control. She rode my **** as hard as she could. Then right when I came she gave a scream. She had the strongest ******* ever.
When we finished she told me she had one more surprise for me she lead me to the bed room and told me
Lay on my belly. I did as I was told. She then tied my hands to to head board and my feet to the leg posts. She blind folded me and gaged me. Then she walked down stairs. I heard the front door open. Then close. Then I herd her come back to the bed room. At least I thought it was her at the time. She began to lick my ***. The feeling dulled my senses. All I could feel was a toung on my ***. It was wonderful. Then I felt a hand on my right butt cheek. That was when Iknew it wasn't her. I suddenly got very scared. But I could do nothing but lay there. I couldn't even scream.The hand was being very rough and mean to my ***. Then he climbed into the bed. He was very big and heavy. But I couldn't feel any body hair on him. Then I felt his ****. It just lay on my back. I could feel that it was very big. Much bigger then my own. He then wiggled his way back down to my ***. The feel of his smooth skin really turned me on. I was just starting to enjoy the feel of his skin on mine when he lined his **** with my *******. Thenthe fear hit me. I was to be *** ******. He did the same to me as my wife had done. One hard push and I felt his **** push into me. His balls rest against my own. The pain was great. I wanted to cry. I wasn't expecting it. Then he pulled all the way out. Then pushed all the way back in to his balls. He did this for some time. By about the tenth time the pain stopped. Then he slowed. Easing it in slow and pulling out slow. I could feel every vain in his ****. I became fixed on his ****, how it felt and how big he was. Even the size of his **** head. After about 20 minutes he stopped pulling all the way out. And stayed in me. He stared to to **** me with a slow steady pase. It was so good I started to push my *** back to meet his ****. I wanted to feel his balls on my own. The he started to pound my *** so hard that I came. When I came I screamed that I love you. Not thinking that my wife might not be watching he man leaned down and kissed me. He kissed me like my wife would. Long and deep. His toung was great. I never kissed a man before. But he was a great kisser. He stopped and said that he loved me to and that he was going to make me his *****. I didn't care if my wife was watching or not by this point. I told him I will be his ***** and that I loved his ****. When he cam he pushed. As far in me as he could. And held it there. Then he lay ontop of me panting. Then I heard my wife say that she knew I would like it. But she never thought I would like it so bc much. She kissed mevand called me her little *****. She then told the man
He could have me and that I was his now. She leaft the room. I then heard
The front door open and close. Then the man said he would be back in a few.
If I get any feed back then I will post the rest. Hope you enjoyed
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4 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I just love having a **** I dont know inside me

Believe it or not she just. Picked him up at
The mall. She told him today was his lucky day. Lol. More like my lucky day. She had no idea who he was

It truely blew my mind. I still can't believe I yelled I love you. But it was that good. But that was long ago. Now I can't find a man to save my life. Lol. I lost touch with him years ago.

Can't wait for what comes next!