my cousin is spending a few days with me and today she had some friends coming over, she had showered and gotten ready and was watching tv waiting i went in to shower and after doing so opened the clothes hamper to dump my dirty clothes and thier were her panties bra and cami she had just taken off.
i couldnt help myself i pulled them out of the hamper wrapped them in my towel and went to my room, closing the door took them out of the towel and laid them on my bed i took the panties and stepped into them they were damp in the crotch, i put the bra on but could fit it so i pulled the cami on and walked to my door mirror to see myself oh i couldnt believe my luck.
i finished getting dressed wearing these undies and pulled a long dark shirt on to cover the lace on the bottom of the cami.
i took the bra back and put it in the clothes hamper. i heard voices and didnt realize my cousins friends had arrived i went into the living room and was introduced and sat next to my cousin visiting all the time knowing i had her panties on i was so excited.
i excused myself left the house and headed to a place where guys met guys i wasnt there long before i met an elderly man and things led to another and i found myself giving him a mouth job all the well i imagining i was her.
a great day for me.
alleynahlove alleynahlove
Nov 27, 2012