My Sexual 'bucket List'...

...I think the two things I've really fantasized about that haven't happened yet are:

1) Doggy style - I have a romantic wife who must always look me in the eye when we have intercourse (stupid, I know!), and;

2) ********* - of course, MY fantasy is FMF, which is really hard to assemble in my opinion.

Obviously, #1 is far more likely to happen than #2! It takes two special females to pull off that *********. Still, I'm not figuring my wife would acquiesce any time soon about #1 either.
ambroseguy80 ambroseguy80
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Wow ! A
Are you still working on # 1 ?
When you said bending over the edge of the bed , did you mean standing ?
She should be kneeling on the edge , while you stand . She can spread her legs to adjust her height.
Bugger looking into your eyes , she can do that later ! Lol

I very much love a good doggy...having hands on my hips, my ***, shoulders...drives me insane. I love to watch...mmmmh. God.

I'm there with ya! I mean... I wish I was? LMAO

Propose to your wife...a mirror, candles...romance it up a bit. Maybe, she will go for it :) I hope!!!

Awww thanks! I don't hold out much hope, but that's sweet of you. She is so not a candles woman. I wish she was...

I will send my best vibes that your wishes come true. :)

Thank you, S! :-)

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