Movie Theatre Fun

This is my first story, so please be gentle.

I was going to college at the time and there was a girl I was flirting with. She was 5'6 african american girl with those most gorgeous pair of **** you could ever imagine. I don't know how it started but what started out as flirting with her turned into me taking the chance, whenever no one was around in class, to walk up behind her and grab those gorgeous breasts and squeeze them, which also got a giggle out of her.
One day I'd asked her out to a movie, I don't really remember what it was. As we got to the movie we sat at the back where no one was nearby and again I don't even remember what brought it on but she started playing with my **** through my jeans (I might have couched her hand on to it lol) and I remember unzipping my jeans and her saying "why not" as she started to stroke my **** right there in the back of the theatre, it was so ******* hot.
She also has those hot plump ******* lips that were made for sucking **** and she lowered her head down to give my **** a quick suck, sadly it never got to the point of ******* but it was still fun.
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too bad. it sounds like it would be fun to **** you in a movie theatre

Thank you metalgirl, it sounds like you would make a fun theatre **** partner yourself ;)

well thank you. maybe we need to meet up. lol

Mmmmm I'd love to meet up with you and make some fun noises in the theatre ;) :D

we could really make the other people in the theatre wonder what was going on. where do you live? :)

oh hell yes we would ;) sadly I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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sounds like you need to go to the movies more often!!

*laughs* Oh how I wish, I tried to talk her into ******* in the theatre but she wasn't that adventurous.