Alex And Linda

I have had more requests to hear in more detail about when Alex and Linda first became lovers because he fathered our first child.
 When we were first married Linda,s Mom and Dad helped us make a down payment on an older three bedroom house only one of the two bathrooms were in working order and the house needed a lot of work.
 I am strong and willing but at the time I didn't have any idea which end of a hammer to use.
 I worked with Alex both of us worked in the warehouse and were waiting for driving jobs to open up.
 He had some experience in carpentry and offered to help. Between with what he knew and the advice from Home Depot we got along.
 Him and Linda hit it off right away and we all got along fine until one day he came by all broken up because ( Dianna his wife ) had left him.
 Linda was trying to console him and   all of a sudden he was kissing her  Linda tried to fight back but Alex was much stronger. I watched confused I wasent sure how to react.
 Linda looked at me once and mouthed help me but I was rooted to the spot.
 Alex had her blouse open and both of her breasts were bared .
 Alex was fondling them then he was sucking on her nipples.
 Linda likes sex and she loves to have her breasts sucked.
 I think that I had mentioned it to him once .
 I could see Linda weakening  then she was kissing him back I watched them in a frenzy tear at each others clothes until Linda was on her back on the floor her panty,s around one ankle.
 Alex pushed his pants down around his waist then he began to **** her.
 I watched in a trance as his hairy *** began to bang my wife his balls tight against his scrotum He was gasping for breath Linda had her arms around him they were still kissing then Alex began to **** her faster growling like an animal then he went Ooooooooaawwwwggghh and he shuddered as he lay on top of my wife his **** shooting inside of her.
 For a couple seconds then he rammed his **** into her a few more times ******* again.
 He lay on top of my wife gasping for breath his chest heaving from his exertions until he was finished  He raised up and looked down at Linda she was looking up at him still in shock.
 Alex said in a tortured voice my god what have I done and scrambled to his feet Looking around wildly then he pulled his pants up and fled.
 I stood above my wife looking down at her  Linda s make up was smeared all over her face and her hair was a mess.
 I sat down beside her Her legs were still spread obscenely with her knees bent and her feet flat on the floor.
 She said why didn't you stop him ?
 I said I dont know hon are you alright. ?
 She said I think so  are you mad at me ?  I lay down beside her I pulled her into my arms and I kissed her  my **** was rock hard I ran my hand down her belly she said don't baby he came in me.
 My finger slipped into her ***** and I asked die you ***?  Linda said no he came to fast.
 I asked would you have *** if he lasted longer and she didn't answer.
 I raised up looking down at my wife I said well ?
 She said maybe  No yes if he would have lasted longer I would have ***.
 I said do you want to ***.  she smiled up at me shyly and asked would you mind ?
 I rolled on top of her and she scrambled trying to get up she said I need to clean up first.
 I said no I want to **** you with his *** in you..
 She looked up at me again and said really!!! I pushed my **** into her I felt his ***  and the slurping sounds the it made as I slowly stroked my **** into her his *** was being forced out of her around my **** and it covered my balls and ran down the crack of her ***.
 Linda became a wild woman tearing at my back with her fingernails we ****** like demons.
 I came in her then I just kept ******* her without loosing my hard on Linda bucked and screamed when she came.
 We Lay there gasping like two fish out of water until we recovered.
 Linda asked do you think he will ever come back ? I said I just don't know we will have to see.

 Lin said it,s a shame I really like him.
Alex avoided me at work and I didn't push things.
 About two weeks went by and one Saturday I was working on my old 55 ford pick up with the garage door open I was under the hood tightening up the head bolts. I heard Alex say Ken ? I froze when I heard his voice. He said Man I have to tell you how sorry I am.
 I stood there like stone not sure what to say.
 Alex said well I just had to tell you I will go now.
 I said wait one Al let me put my thoughts together here want a beer ? He said it,s a little early for me.
 I said well we need to talk and I need a beer first.
 I keep a small refrigerator in my garage filled with the cheapest beer I can find for the guy,s that come by and help me with my car,s.
 We opened our beer and he made a face when he tasted the Hamm,s
 he said you need to buy a decent brand of beer someday and we laughed .
 He looked at me and asked is Linda pissed at me ?
 I said you bet you haven't even come by for over two weeks to say hi. She has missed you.
 He said well after what I did the last time I was afraid that she wouldent want to see me,
 I told him that We had talked it over and I admitted that after he left last time the she and I had some of the best sex that we ever had.
 I said we could forget it and go from there if you want.
 He looked nervously at me and said I dont know if I could do that now.
 I asked do you still want to **** her ? He looked down and said yes I guess I am not much of a friend huh.?
 I said well I almost got my nuts watching you **** her the last time .
 Would you like to find out if she will do it again .
 Hell after all you are our best friend.
 He said my god do you think she might ?
 I said let,s ask. and walked over to the door.
 Linda was sitting in the living room with her hands in her lap.
 I said Alex is here.
 Lin said I saw him walk up out front.
 I asked if we could come in and Linda said he better that ******* ha-sent been by for week,s
 Al came in the door and stood there uncertainly looking at Linda then he said Linda I am sorry I just lost control.
 Linda walked over and kissed him lightly on the lip,s
 He stood there with both arms hanging at his sides.
 I cleared my throat and said Alex wants to **** you again,
 Linda smiled  and said I know I listened through the door.
 She took his hand and led him to the stairway she said not the floor this time and I want you to control that **** of yours so that I can *** to.
 We talked later and decided that he should move in with us .
 We could tell everyone that he was renting a room. For the next few dayd we looked for a single bed  but had to buy a new mattress for it and blankets
 It was never used though it was just foe show if someone asked.
 He and I slept in the same bed with my wife and for the next few months we ****** almost constantly.
 When Al got word that his wife wanted him back he left .
He missed his two daughters.
we dropped him off at the airport he was going back to Alabama.
 On the way home Linda took my hand and pulled her blouse up and put my hand on her belly she said I,m pregnant.
 I was surprised she had been on birth control all this time.
 She smiled at me and said I stopped taking them about two months ago I want a baby.
 It took awhile for it to sink in but then I said **** then It could be Alex,s baby.
 She said ugh huh I think it probably is he ****** me more than you did.
 Do you mind ?
 Well to say the least when we got home we had some of the very best sex we ever had.
 Cindy Looks a lot like her mother but I can see Alex in her cheek bones.
and forehead when I look closely at her.

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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Wow, amazing. How old is Cindy now?

Hi Lin. How are you doing? Hope this doesn't bring up any bad memories but Alex practically raped you that first time. What did it feel like to you? Sounds like you went from confusion (and of course back to lust with Ken, LOL)

Lin...that is wonderful that you took your cue from Hubby. Just goes to show what a amazing couple you all make.

That's a pretty remarkable story, but given how very different you guys are from the norm, it's completely understandable. You must be the very most popular guy to befriend at work! And btw, Hamm's?!! You really are a cheap bastard, Ken!