Birds Of A Feather

When it comes to sex I have a pretty cynical view of most women’s attitudes towards it. After speaking to many women (I’m a good listener, I guess and they open up to me) and men most women seem to view sex as a means to an end.  They use it get a husband, have children and then as a tool to control their husbands.  Even Dear Abby (or Ann Landers) wrote once that sex was something that should be provided to husbands only often enough to keep them quiet.  Sex is not viewed as a fun activity.  I know there are exceptions, but this seems to be the dominant attitude.  It’s very frustrating for me and many of my friends.  The weirdest thing is that it seems that the 10% or so women who really like sex seem to be married to the 10% of the guys who don’t like sex (at least the ones who’ve spoken to me).

I always feel like Steve Guttenberg’s character in 3 Men and a Baby, all the women feel comfortable talking to him about the most intimate things about their relationships, and of course the things they don’t like about their boyfriends, but don’t see how much he’s into them.

I had a friend back when I was in the military who was drop dead gorgeous (I’m confident enough in my masculinity that I can say that).  Talk, dark and handsome didn’t describe it.  He was an Adonis.   He worked out, but wasn’t a lunk head.  He graduated from the Academy and was simply put the nicest guy I’ve ever met.  He couldn’t get a date.  “I am not making this up!”  After a couple years of watching this, and knowing many of the women he asked, I asked why they’d turned him down.  “Oh I could never date him, he’s too nice!”  What the Hell does that mean?  Women like bad boys, I know!  But what’s a nice guy to do when he has all the desires bottled up inside, but trying to be a bad boy would never be anything but an act?
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51-55, M
Jan 10, 2013