I have just recently discovered, I'm really into food play/stuffing. I've had sex with random people, older people, done all kinds of role play, and have really enjoyed anal. I need some suggestions so I can continue to discovery new sexual experiences that I would enjoy. =P No suggestion is too crazy, so let me know.
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Well, let's see. I haven't read through all your groups, so you may well have tried everything I suggest, but just to make the effort:

Some cities have public clubs where consenting adults can have different kinds of sex in front of strangers, or watch strangers having different kinds of sex. What kinds are allowed depends, of course, on the club, the locality, the clientele, etc. The range is from straight oral, vaginal, and in some cases, anal, all the way to full blown D/s, or even S&M scenes.

Pee is the cleaner of the "dirty" fetishes, of course. It's not as unhealthy as scat, and, if you do it in the right places, e.g., the shower or outdoors, clean up is easy. People into pee enjoy the basic golden shower, all the way up to public humiliation, i.e., "loosing control" and peeing yourself in a public place, with lots of others watching.

If you like anal, besides receiving it, there are all sorts of possibilities with strapons, either with another woman, or using one on a man. Of course, you probably already know about enemas, which don't involve scat as a rule (other, of course, than going to the bathroom afterwards).

The site has pictures, stories, and personal profiles, as well as interest groups for so many fetishes, kinks, etc., that even >I< run across stuff I've never heard of, lol.

I'd love to hear if I've given you any new idea, and/or if you actually try any of this. Good luck to you! :)


Perhaps double penetration if you can get two guys who are willing and not homophobic while the girl in your poly relationship sucks on your breasts--oh, and do it at a swinger's club or on the deck of a boat--that wild enough?

Maybe you should take up exhibitionism, BDSM, or just plain doing 'naughty' things in a day to day environment!
Like, wearing ben-wa balls to the shopping mall or other such places!