If It Feels Good, Do It Twice!

I hate to say this sometimes, but there is nothing that I won't try once sexually. I am easily turned on and love everything about sex and the naughty side of it that makes it so much fun. I am open to just about anything my lovers can dream up.

I have also tried the things I like the best on most combinations of recreational substances. It just makes what is great, that much sweating-toecurling better!

I have had twosomes, **********, foursomes, orgies with all numbers of men and women, no holes barred. I am definately Bisexual but I am engaged and plan and am getty married to my fiancee' Chris this Spring.

The only thing I can think of that I want to try that I haven't is sex on horseback. I have ridden a horse with a couple of remote vibrating eggs inside me, that was a blast, but to actually ride ON someone sounds very interesting.

I would also like to try more different f.u.c.k.i.n.g. machines as well as a good e-stim box. Please reply with any suggestions... I have used a JeTaime and another that I don't know the name of and it is very hard to describe. It just thrusted at whatever speed...

I have some friends that like to have sex in public places. They have a list of all the places they want to do it, and they take a picture of them at each place for proof. They like the thrill of getting caught I guess.

I've gotten to this point really because I am open to new experiences, and I like to repeat the ones i like. I'm never afraid of trying something sexual the first time. However, everyone has their morality switch that won't let them do certain things that seem perfectly fine to someone else so...

I love reading the posts in this group as it really makes me think of something new that I might not have. Like the horseback thing, that came from this group.

Variety is the spice of life, the years we are hot and have the ability to easily seduce people are limited, so I use my gifts as often as possible to bring joy and pleasure to myself and my lover(s)!

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Jan 18, 2013