my gf loves to tease and in theese days she showed to me. We are a great couple and we talk about sex openly. We love each other and we like to play. Nothing too naughty, just innocent way to have a bit of fun. She is a teaset, she loves to tease me and also other people. Nothing too HOT but something like showing cleavage and let other guys peek her cleavage pretending to not catch them. A week ago we were at the beach when she decided to take off her bra. She was lying on her belly so she showed the bare skin. I started to get some pics, even more hot, while she took my phone and she took some selfies leaning on his elbows and showing, in this way, a GREAT part of her boobs. We were lying really close to the bar, with many guys sat down and turned towards the sea and towards my gf!
It was hot to see them staring my gf cleavage, i told her and she replied: "Yes, i notice, what's the problem" smiling.... she kept getting some pics squeezing her boobs with the other hand...that night she said that was pure exhibitionism and it was funny....amazing!
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Thats awesome, showing off your hot girl is always fun. Way to go!

I'd luv to suck ur **** in front of her. Prepare u to **** her!!!!!

What? ?

It sounds like you girlfriend likes attention. Be carefull as I suspect that soon she will want more than just other guys looking at her.

she loves me and i love her, i'm sure about that. She loves attention and i like she teases

That is great and I hope that it stays that way if that is what you want. For my wife and I, it started out very similarly as we are both big flirts. Soon though I started to obsess about the thought of her with another guy. It is a very powerful set of emotions: jealousy, embarrassment, pride, excitement, anticipation. For her she felt very empowered and was realizing the effect she had on men, plus she loved the excitement and newness (nothing like getting that first kiss) that is hard to recreat in a long term relationship. Finally all the flirting hit a breaking point and she made the leap to cheating on me. She was in tears when she told me because like you two, we love each other very much. I was hurt at first, I think from a purely reflex reaction, but also very turned on and begged for all the details. By the time she finished telling me what happened, I was hard as a rock and ready to reclaim my wife. From that point on though our sex life became very intense. She basically became a single woman again, but with the caveat that NO secrects were kept and she shared every experience with me. Not only was she getting the attention she craved, but a new found spark in our sex lives was ignited and we were never closer. I admit, it is hard to unlearn the many many years of male conditioning and to ignor what society deems as normal, but for us it has been worth it.

I meant no disrespect to you two. I hope that above all else you two are happy with each other. I just wanted to warn you that things can take interesting turns in relationships, hopefully you will be ready for them if they happen.

of course she loves to see the power she has with men too and she has no secret with me, we enjoy the way she naturally teases and we like to play in this way but we don't want to go too far

Add me - tease me !!!