So I have a wild experience with a mother in law if any one wants to hear it has a bit of black mail, ************, and bananas. Lol just message me and I will tell.
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Do tell

You've been warned it's graphic.
So I have a mother-in law and her name in Tracy my girlfriends name is Tiffany. This is my story. It started with me getting invited over for dinner one night. Everyone had a great time and we all went to bed. Except for me I stayed up and wanted to get some release before sleep so I went down stairs and got into the laundry basket and was playing around with some of Tracy's clothes. Trying things on and what not. After that I got on the computer and surfed the net for some action lol. I found some pictures of Tracy and her husband oddly enough and said this will work lol. Well I was just about to c*m and I heard from behind what the hell do you think your doing. Turns out Tracy heard something downstairs and went to look and found me lol. So I said nothing just changed and quickly went up stairs. All I heard from her is that this isn't over we will talk about this tomorrow mister. So the next day everyone left for work except for Tracy and I it was our day off. Well she called me down and started making us a bowl of fruit and I noticed there was a aged banana in the bowl as well kinda odd cause I know they try and keep fresh fruit in the house always but any way. As she is talking to me she asked me what I was doing last night what and I saw on the computer. I told her I was playing with my self to pictures (figured best not to lie). And she asked me what pictures I was looking at and I responded saying I was looking at the pictures that your husband of you on your knees with what I assumed to be c*m in your mouth. Well needless to say she was a little upset. And also kinda laughed saying you should of seen your face when I found you. Lol we both chuckled a little and she said do you want to see what you looked like? I was wondering what she ment till she pulled out her phone and showed me five pictures of my self. My jaw hit the floor I was speechless. And she then said now you know I have to send these to the family and out you once and for all. I immediately starting saying no please please you can't I will do anything please don't. She stopped and thought for a moment. She said ok if you eat this banana for me then I promise I won't tell a sole just also promise me this won't happen again. I very very quickly agreed. So she grabbed the banana from the bowl and I started to reach for it and she said no your not eating it like this. With a very sheepish grin on her face. I was confused for a minute. She proceeded to take the fruit and cut a small piece off one of the end and pushed the banana into the trash through the hole. Only leaving a peel with little traces of banana still inside. So this is where I thought that she wanted me to eat the peel and I was like lol could be worse I suppose. She finally said ok pants an boxers on the floor now. I wasn't sure if she misspoke or something so I said come again. She laughed yup that's the idea. I was shocked that my hot new mother-inlaw was about to have me touch my self while she watched. When I say back down she took my shaft in one hand and the and peel in the other and I asked what's that for? She said nothing and slipped my self into the peel where it was warm from her holding it for a few minutes and very wet. I was in utter shock not sure what to say I said nothing just moaned a little. At this point she was having me keep going up and down using the peel while she was standing there watching me. It took me all of 15 minutes to release and she took the peel back and said so you liked seeing those pictures of me huh. Do you like it when girls have c*m in there mouths. Lol I was sarcastic and yes mainly you. She grinned and said so then sense Tiffany is coming up the drive way right now I should tell her that huh ok hang on. I sprang up looked at the window and she was about 20ft from the door. I panicked and quick garbed my pants and was in the middle if both standing up and saying so were square right? And Tracy had opened the peel up and shoved it in my mouth and whipped it around and said so is that what you like so much can you taste it is it still warm. And that's when I hear the door open. She quickly said to swallow it that way I can lick it off my lips before Tiffany sees so I better hurry. I was not sure what to do in a panic as foot step came closer to us in the house from the door I swallowed it and licked my lips like she said. And Tiffany walked into the room just at that moment and said hi I'm back how was your guys day? Tracy chimed up and said well it was just fine you man just got done eating the best banana of his life he said lol I guess we buy good fruit. I scanned the room for the peel and didn't find it not sure what her plan was from here on out I said yes it was great and asked if we could head upstairs to relax. As we were going up stairs Tracy said that she saw the funniest thing today and will e-mail it to us later. A few hours later I checked Tiffany's e-mail and didn't find anything and then mine. Turns out she sent me a video of the whole thing I had no idea she was filming me with her camera. And it said at the bottom that I know you loved you banana today but I will be coming back again tomorrow afternoon to try this fantastic dipping sauce for strawberries it's almost orgasmic.

Just to let all know I am a guy but all you have to do is private message me and I will tell you

Tell me the detailsease

Yes pm is they way to go lol story gets to graphic a long for on here lol I tried already.

I would like to hear about it. I tried to message you and add you, but neither was allowed.

Very much interested in hearing this tale

I wanna hear it too ;)

i'd love to hear it! sounds hot