I'm about to hook up with an old lover and he wants me to **** him with a strap on. I love men's ********, licking them and fingering them and ******* them with buttplugs and ****** but I've never worn a strap on before. I think being the one doing the ******* could make me quite aggressive. I'm having all sorts of dirty thoughts, to the extent I want to put on a suit and tie and take him with my clothes on. Will I enjoy it?
ta11u1ah ta11u1ah
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Leave the suit and tie bring the strap on, I want to feel your breasts on my back as you take me.

I am enjoying just visualizing that scene as I am sure you are. So the experience should be very enjoyable. Have fun!!!!

I'm wearing a butt plug right now and would like to help you to choose a nice extra realistic *****

I sure ******* hope you enjoy it. I know I would enjoy being bent over by an aggressive girl wearing a suit.

He will love it for sure. I think you will too. Are you looking forward to being aggressive?

If you do it right you might get hooked on it

So might he

Wish I had an old lover like you

you will absolutely enjoy it. I love pegging scenarios and they get us both wild.

I have absolutely no doubts you will... ;)

I don't think there's any question about whether you'll enjoy! Make him take the strap on in his mouth first, like he was sucking a real ****.

Oh, now there's a plan!

Let me know if it works out.

I think you will very much my wife does so do I ;)

there is only one way to find out! DO IT!

If you THINK you will I'll bet you will!

Oh, I'm sure I will.

Hmm. I'm thinking we should talk sometime, ta11u1ah.

Just talk?

Depends on how far apart we are!

Doesn't matter. I have RL men to ****. It's the times in between when I'm horny in the supermarket or at work that I need EP. Besides, never ****** a man in his 60s. Yet.

Yeah? All the guys want to talk to me. Are you worth my time?

I'd like to think so - you sound an interesting and adventurous lady

Oh I am

Anything off limits....I'm pretty open minded about what consenting adults can do together.

Public humiliation. Anything non consensual. Sissy boys. Young boys. Other than that no. I love it all.

Damn you sound good.

Love the thought of you in that suit with a nice strappy sticking out. Better take me to your lair.

I am! Are you? That's a blade that cuts 2 ways.

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This is something I've been very curious about, I've never even had my *** played with but hear it feels amazing. Be sure to let us know it feels for both of you. :-)

You should try it for yourself. Gently and slowly to start. No reason not to have fun alone

It is fun - just go gently when inserting things till you're used to it.

The slowness and gentleness is part of the fun, feeling that hole open up over time. Takes patience but so worth it.

Damn you'd be fun. It'd be great having you stretch me like that.

I'm sooooo good at making straight men beg to be ******.

Lol - yes Mistress.....

Be gentle with me... :))))))

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It's on my bucket list. I bet you love it!

Please add this dirty old bear.

You're going to have a blast....just shaft him.
He'll get so into it.
Either doggie or on his back with his ankles around his ears......have fun - Mistress

Doggy. I want to watch that arse stretch for me!

Mmmmm - push slowly- stretch it so the strappy slides in - then use it on me..

I am but one woman. I'll come back and tell you all about it if you promise me you'll get off on it.

I'll get off on it - and imagine it was me you were using it on.

Will you add me?

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Sounds like a blast. Enjoy!

I think I would definitely love you plugging my *** with that strap on. Do it hard and deep

He's a lucky man! I would love to get slowly and sensually ****** by a dominant women wearing a strap on. If you wear a suit, will you make him wear panties? :)

I have sent him a pair of mine, well used and still damp. He can wear those.

Something tells me you will.....I suspect he will also...

Let us know how it goes. This has been a fantasy of mine for years. Can't get the wife to indulge me with this though. Maybe I can experience it vicariously.

sounds like you will and he definitely will, wish I could switch places with him

Bless you. Being pegged is a singular delight.

Let's hope I'm good at it :)

It is my experience that women know more about how to handle a **** than most men.

This is true. Plus I know how good it feels to be taken hard and rough.