Airtight For the First Time

i had been involved on numerous occasions being 'spit roasted'....getting ****** in my *** or **** by one guy while i was sucking off another...always found it to be a great experience...getting my mouth full of *** and my other end filled at the same time...

the first time i had three at once, though, was after i was married and started to **** around on my husband...i had been ******* a guy named 'Tim' who was a male ******** can read about him and how i met him in one of my blogs...anyways, one time i was with him and a couple of his buddies showed up at his place...i had already been ****** by Tim's big **** but was ready for more so when his friends ******** down i needed no encouragement to start playing with their *****...both these guys were also strippers in the 'tiffany' type, that is they had great hard bodies and larger than average *****...i thought this was going to be fun!! one of the guys laid down on his back and i got on my knees and started to suck his erect ****...i was licking and flicking it's head when i felt a **** pushing it's way into my already *** filled ****...i didn't know who it was but he started to **** me hard and i was getting right into it...when, my hair was grabbed from behind, pulling my head off the **** i was sucking and then to my dismay the **** in my **** was pulled out  :-(  i was only disappointed for a moment because i was helped up to my feet, turned around and told to sit on the **** pointing up at belonged to the guy i was sucking and was glistening with my saliva...go slow i was told "it's going up your ***"...i lowered myself down and told hold of his ****...when i could i rubbed it all over my ***** covering it with my juices...just doing that made me moan as it felt so good...i positioned my ******* directly over his **** and started to insert it into my body...oh **** it felt incredible and it wasn't long before i had him all the way in...i held still for just a moment and then started to **** this wonderful ****...he grabbed my **** from behind and i laid back on him as he massaged my nipples and pumped my ***...Tim came over with his **** waving in front of my mouth and i opened wide so he could start ******* my **** was exposed and the other guy began to finger me...he stuck a few fingers in my hole and frigged me in time to the **** in my ***...within moments i had a screaming ******, momentarily letting go of Tim's ****....the guy in my *** just ****** me harder as i came and as soon as i could i got Tim's **** back in my mouth, sucking on it like a ***** in heat....the fingers were withdrawn and i felt a **** starting it's journey into my very sloppy **** had seen pictures of this but had never done it before....he got his **** all the way in (i was so wet and open, it didn't take too much effort) and began to **** me in time with his buddy who was still ******* my *** was incredible to feel two ***** in me at once, rubbing my tissue between my *** and ****!!! all i could do was moan around the third **** in my mouth and feel them all pistoning into my body at once...i was sandwiched between the guys and couldn't move much but that didn't matter as they did all the moving i needed and i began a multi orgasmic experience that words don't do justice to....the men started to move faster and i felt the **** in my *** explode into my bowels and the guy grunting out his pleasure...soon after my lover on top stiffened and came in my welcoming ****, filling up womb with his hot seed...i guess Tim, after seeing all of us ******* couldn't hold it any longer and began to *** in my mouth, squirting his load down my throat which i eagerly swallowed.....Wow...all my holes filled with ***** and ***!!!!! this was the first time but it was not the last  :-)


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Yes it is an awesome experience. My wife loved it too.

Excellent ! Nicely detailed and enthusiastic. jThanx

Super Hot !!

Wow! Hot, hot story. Makes me want to live it out with my Sweet Little Pervette!! I know you'll see this honey, so make sure you tell me how wet it makes your ***** to think that is you in that sandwich!

That is one experience I would love to have as a woman. I just about had an ****** reading it.

Wow! I'm rock hard now! Great story. I look forward to reading your other stories..

THat is so exciting...I would like that too.

Very hot.... Thank you for sharing!

You are so lucky to have all holes filled with ***.

yum, do you go home and let hubby have you after?

What a wonderful way to get ******!!

can i come to your house and play? it looks like you had a blast.

That's an incredibly hot story. Thank you for sharing! :-) So hot!

wow what an incredible story

That is a very hot story! I hope I get to try it!

What a wonderful way to get ******!!

sounds like ya had the time of your life

Your story was awesome and only makes me jealous since I couldn't be there. Some pictues would be geat. Have you done this anymore?

I love that your stories are so playful and so well-written.

Love the story, the wat sex should be

I loved that story! Hasn't happened to me yet but I would love it to!<br />

very hot,

i'll never look at roasting pit the same way again.

ur story is way too hot.... and a distant fantasy for me... i'd never be able to go there!...lols...! but i'm glad you did!...and that you shared it with us!

i had to start wanking as i was reading yor really horney story. what a turn on. you are one hot horney lady

I really got bowled over. Real nice hot saucy story.

wow! so hooot! looov ur story.. made me so wet.

sam i can find some guys and me who would love 2 make u *** even more maybe 5 or 6 ?

Great story. Love doing DP and feeling the ***** rubbing between the ladies thin membrane in between her ***** and ***. We use to do my ex all the time like that. She was such a hot ***** when we DP 'd her.

Great story. You are so HOT.