Airtight For the First Time

i had been involved on numerous occasions being 'spit roasted'....getting ****** in my *** or **** by one guy while i was sucking off another...always found it to be a great experience...getting my mouth full of *** and my other end filled at the same time...

the first time i had three at once, though, was after i was married and started to **** around on my husband...i had been ******* a guy named 'Tim' who was a male ******** can read about him and how i met him in one of my blogs...anyways, one time i was with him and a couple of his buddies showed up at his place...i had already been ****** by Tim's big **** but was ready for more so when his friends ******** down i needed no encouragement to start playing with their *****...both these guys were also strippers in the 'tiffany' type, that is they had great hard bodies and larger than average *****...i thought this was going to be fun!! one of the guys laid down on his back and i got on my knees and started to suck his erect ****...i was licking and flicking it's head when i felt a **** pushing it's way into my already *** filled ****...i didn't know who it was but he started to **** me hard and i was getting right into it...when, my hair was grabbed from behind, pulling my head off the **** i was sucking and then to my dismay the **** in my **** was pulled out  :-(  i was only disappointed for a moment because i was helped up to my feet, turned around and told to sit on the **** pointing up at belonged to the guy i was sucking and was glistening with my saliva...go slow i was told "it's going up your ***"...i lowered myself down and told hold of his ****...when i could i rubbed it all over my ***** covering it with my juices...just doing that made me moan as it felt so good...i positioned my ******* directly over his **** and started to insert it into my body...oh **** it felt incredible and it wasn't long before i had him all the way in...i held still for just a moment and then started to **** this wonderful ****...he grabbed my **** from behind and i laid back on him as he massaged my nipples and pumped my ***...Tim came over with his **** waving in front of my mouth and i opened wide so he could start ******* my **** was exposed and the other guy began to finger me...he stuck a few fingers in my hole and frigged me in time to the **** in my ***...within moments i had a screaming ******, momentarily letting go of Tim's ****....the guy in my *** just ****** me harder as i came and as soon as i could i got Tim's **** back in my mouth, sucking on it like a ***** in heat....the fingers were withdrawn and i felt a **** starting it's journey into my very sloppy **** had seen pictures of this but had never done it before....he got his **** all the way in (i was so wet and open, it didn't take too much effort) and began to **** me in time with his buddy who was still ******* my *** was incredible to feel two ***** in me at once, rubbing my tissue between my *** and ****!!! all i could do was moan around the third **** in my mouth and feel them all pistoning into my body at once...i was sandwiched between the guys and couldn't move much but that didn't matter as they did all the moving i needed and i began a multi orgasmic experience that words don't do justice to....the men started to move faster and i felt the **** in my *** explode into my bowels and the guy grunting out his pleasure...soon after my lover on top stiffened and came in my welcoming ****, filling up womb with his hot seed...i guess Tim, after seeing all of us ******* couldn't hold it any longer and began to *** in my mouth, squirting his load down my throat which i eagerly swallowed.....Wow...all my holes filled with ***** and ***!!!!! this was the first time but it was not the last  :-)


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25 Responses Sep 24, 2009

Wow! Hot, hot story. Makes me want to live it out with my Sweet Little Pervette!! I know you'll see this honey, so make sure you tell me how wet it makes your ***** to think that is you in that sandwich!

That is one experience I would love to have as a woman. I just about had an ****** reading it.

THat is so exciting...I would like that too.

You are so lucky to have all holes filled with ***.

yum, do you go home and let hubby have you after?

can i come to your house and play? it looks like you had a blast.

That's an incredibly hot story. Thank you for sharing! :-) So hot!

wow what an incredible story

That is a very hot story! I hope I get to try it!

Your story was awesome and only makes me jealous since I couldn't be there. Some pictues would be geat. Have you done this anymore?

I love that your stories are so playful and so well-written.

Love the story, the wat sex should be

I loved that story! Hasn't happened to me yet but I would love it to!<br />

very hot,

i'll never look at roasting pit the same way again.

ur story is way too hot.... and a distant fantasy for me... i'd never be able to go there!...lols...! but i'm glad you did!...and that you shared it with us!

i had to start wanking as i was reading yor really horney story. what a turn on. you are one hot horney lady

wow! so hooot! looov ur story.. made me so wet.

sam i can find some guys and me who would love 2 make u *** even more maybe 5 or 6 ?

Great story. Love doing DP and feeling the ***** rubbing between the ladies thin membrane in between her ***** and ***. We use to do my ex all the time like that. She was such a hot ***** when we DP 'd her.

Great story. You are so HOT.

Makes my BIG TOE shoot up in my boot baby!

baby that's a HOT story and you got me typing one- handed ... what a sexy story and well narrated ... excuseme while I go clean up now ... or maybe you can lick me up like a lollipop.

O my god my **** is so hard I ahve been involed in a three way screw before and man was it fun I was the guy in her mouth

just wondering - how does anal do it for you? is it psychological, or is there actually a physical pleasure to it?