I've Thought About It

I am a heterosexual woman, I like men and prefer being with them sexually.

Although, I have always wanted to find a 'knowledgeable' woman who could teach me how to please a woman orally.

Other things I have wanted to try, with a man ofcourse:

1. Sex in his office, over his desk.

2. Sex in public, a place that is sort of public but is still kind of private.

3. Spur of the moment sex, in an alley or stairwell.

4. Sex with a policeman to avoid a traffic/speeding ticket.

5. Two men, roasting me (hehe) on the spit of their manhood.

6. Sex in a car while wearing a dress.



Well my top fantasies about which I am open for trying at some point. I figure if you think about them they must actually be on your 'To Do List' at some point.

I can live with that.

Josie06 Josie06
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21 Responses Mar 1, 2010

What nice fantasies to get your morning started

Check out my story, "Her Public ******." I bet you'll like it, and I'd love to hear your comments." Where in general are you located? Me, near Atlanta, Ga. I love the groups we share, don't you? Let's add each other, thanks.

sex with a dress and boots on.......mmmmmm

All of these are possible for a sexual woman. Just make it so.

Your list is very thought provoking for myself.

Good luck & enjoy ...!!

How about I would be the judge for a traffic ticket that you are in court for? Your sentence would be???? Hmmm let's go into my private chambers to discuss Josie06. As judge Pman starts unbuckling his pants!!!!

Your list should be easy to fulfill as I'm sure many guys will want to participate assisting you in completing it. With the policeman, it might take you several tickets...haahaa to complete that one. I use to date a flight attendant when I lived in London & she was spontaneous and adventuresome. One time we were on top of the Eiffel Tower, overcast, chilly & I was wearing a London Fog raincoat. She was wearing loafers easy to move around on her feet and a miniskirt with no panties. As we were looking out at the city, she faced & leaned against the railing while I stood behind her butt in my groin. She took my raincoat & brought it around her as I unzipped & took my **** out, lifted her skirt & slowly entered her. Her ***** was so wet from the anticipation of being ****** in public on top of the Eiffel Tower. People were around us but didn't really notice anything until I made a slight grunt as I was ******* inside her. They realized then what we were doing. After I was done she turned around & bent down, my coat still hiding that part of our body & she proceeded to drain me and lick me clean. We did the same thing at Empire State Building about a year later. We were always preparing ourselves for the unexpected & she was the instigator on most of our sexual jaunts. Always date a willing partner!!

Fun!!!!! Fun!!!! Fun!!!!

So I've done the girl on girl... and 1, 2, 3, and 6 ; )<br />
<br />
Just go for it .....<br />
<br />

I like your bucket list - my wife showed up to my work once - walked in my office - locked the door and gave me a mind blowing blow job - it was fantastic. I thought about the guys just out side my office door and what they were missing............

Nice entertaining list! Good luck with all of it, I hope you make it.

Ohhhh! Slow and easy does it every time.

LOL i don't think i could satisfy the cravings of nearly 2000 women....i don't think i could satisfy the cravings of 2 women LOL

Ask for a 'Pampered Lady' Cruise. Just let them know that YOU are part of the 'Pampering Crew' to make their cruise enjoyable.

I hope my travel agent didn't screw up and put me on a lesbian cruise LOL

Next April! You should be the sole man on a boat full of gorgeous women. Read that on your 'Fortune'.

Its semi public and would have an amazing view.....i might have to try it next april :-)

Hummmm? That sounds intriguing Rick.

How about on a cruise ship on the balcony of your stateroom?

Love to be on you list baby!In first place.

Wouldn't that be your, To Do Me List ?