Not Silence, But Close

My wife's current favorite position is called spooning I think.  We are both naked and it is early in the morning.  She has her back to me and I start rubbing my **** on her ***.  This turns me on and my **** gets hard.  She is always wet so I slip my **** in her *****.  It doesn't go very deep, but it must hit on her **** or something because she really likes to **** this way.  There is also a feeling of dominance because I grab her shoulders and arms and she can't resist what I want to do.  Again I don't get deep, but the other morning I was really giving her a pounding and then I would slow down.

What made our most recent adventure different was we didn't say any words.  I can't say it was quiet because I was listening to her moans of pleasure and her breathing as it got faster and faster.  She was wet enough that there were sounds coming from between our legs as we ******.  That squishy sound that changes as she gets wetter as she gets hotter.  That oh oh moan that also gets louder the hotter she gets.  As I start ******* faster and realize this time I will not slow down. I will give it all to her.  No stopping for a condom this time, this time I am going all the way to the end and I get loader the closer I get and then we both ***.

We listen to each others breath as we slowing some down.  We could have been total strangers, not a word was spoken thru it all.

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

there is just one more little variation,,,,,, after youve been getting it on for some time,,, just push her over on her stomach,, im long so can go deep,, but the action on the g spot is remarkable,, you can go slow and sensual,,,,,or really go a rammin if you are both into it,,

that earley morn position is just wonderful and bieng long you can get sooo far in,, and whenyour partner loves it and moves down deeper , just wonderful !!!

I love getting 'up' in the morning. My wife is an evening person and I'm a morning person. I wake up hard and after getting her in position slide it in after a bit of 'spit' lub. Occasionally she is still asleep and I'll just lie there until she wakes. Then she will start rocking her butt back and forth until I'm as deep as I can be. <br />
She loves to be taken and I'll **** her till she comes. But I usually can't because my bladder is full. She knows then that we have some 'unfinished business' and will get ****** again later in the day.