It has been 3 years since I joined this website, I literally just wrote my experiences and left.

closedwindow was a metaphor...before I was closed/guarded from people. Back then I felt like I was only seeing life as it went by, not participating in it. [what I mean is that I was literally caged away from experiencing life by my family, like I can't do this and that, I was so restricted.]

Now my windows have opened up, I feel alive. And its all thanks to my one friend. It took one person that wanted to know me, hear me and tell me and connect with me. To pay attention. This person gained the trust of my family and my family also began trusting me... After that I have become more approachable, and outgoing.

..Or maybe its just high school in general. The whole atmosphere of high school is depressing, anxiety-inducing and wears out one's self conscious. Now that I'm in college, people are more nicer? Maybe its because I'm with a bunch of nerds.

Anyways, IDK if i've become dumber, or smarter but life is definitely better. Seems I was more poetic and artistic when I was all depressed and sh*t tbh.
closedwindow closedwindow
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2014