I Wake Up

I wake up today, open my window and see the bluest sky.  The greenest trees.  Blooming flowers.  Beautiful sunlight.

I know yesterday had troubles and tears, but why not forget it to make today, something that really matters?

You learn from experience and that's what helps you take your steps in the future.

Take a deep breath.  Close your eyes.  And count to three.  But don't forget to make a wish -- an optimistic one of course!




Open your eyes!

Now go and do what you're going to do!  Find something beautiful today, help out a random person in need.  Smile.  :)  That's all it takes to make your day worth it.  And remember, be grateful and feel lucky that you're alive. 

aPrettyname aPrettyname
13-15, F
Jul 17, 2010