I Haven't Done It Yet But!!

One knight I dreampt I was in bed with a neighbor friend, his beautiful blond wife, and another very pretty neighbor girl well, my buddies wife climed on my mouth, and I was working on her **** with my tongue when suddenly I felt the other girl start sucking my penis, and she really clamped down on it, she really must have had plenty of experience.  Well this went on a while, and just when I was about ready to ***, the nr 10 blonde had just had her second ******, and threw her leg over, which gave me a view of what was happening to me, and I looked down and found that who was sucking my very hard penis wasn't the other girl at all, it was my buddy Dell, and it was toooo late, WOW I blew my load and was I in shock, both that I allowed it to happen, and that I REALLY ENJOYED that blow job.  Now ever since this dream, I have had the urge to get with a man and exchange oral sex to see if it could be as good as I recall that dream was.  W-O-W!!

loveticklingfeet loveticklingfeet
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 24, 2010

Very erotic dream. Did it end up a wet one for you?