Blow Jobs

The first time i gave oral sex to my bf was at age 15. At first i had no clue what to do and how to make him ***. But after doing it over and over again with my ex's ****..Super Head has nothing on me. I enjoy seeing the face's of the men i did it to, its completely priceless, they make some weird *** faces they r clueless basically like they r zoned out,. I have had them in the fetus position on several occasions i even got asked where the **** r u from ma i have never had my D*ck sucked so good in my life. (But u know some are just lying, they just in the mood). But When sucking that **** gives me power, i make them so weak and vulnerable. At that moment anything i ask for i get. I enjoy putting their d*cks and their balls in my mouth at the same time. It takes times to learn that but TRUST ME IT PAYS OFF. I get so turned on talkin about it. But the most important thing is the finally.. When they r about to ***. The vibration i get is like no other. Their faces n their voice automatically change, but yet they are still speaking dirty to me. like who's **** is that? u like that **** huh? Tell me u love it mami/baby? all those weird **** turns me the **** ONNNN!! and after the they *** im still sucking it, most girls would stop but thats were we go wrong keep sucking that **** till that dude, backs off. YUMMMM.. I NEED ONE right now, but oh well i gt a banana.
ImAWomanScorned4ever ImAWomanScorned4ever
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i have a nice one for you

lol what is it lol??

message me and I will show you

Have u had a similar experience or feeling let me know, i would like to see ur opinions n views. Thank you