I Love Gettin My P***y Eaten Yea Buddy!!!

I remember when i was 16 i think, i always fantasized about getting my kitty kat eaten. N so said it be. This hot guy my cousin's friend , licked n sucked the hell outa my poor lil vagina. Shiitt!!! after that i couldnt even walk, but anyhow. Seeing any guy between my legs lookin into my eyes while playing with my **** that **** makes me go crazy, him moaning while eating it. Me being in a trance Damn!! that helpless feelin of u want him to back off a lil n give it a rest but really n truly u wanna say (u like that **** huh baby?) I dnt give a flying **** what no body has to say when it comes on to me n gettin my coochie eaten. Any man im with thats not willin to atleast try n taste me thats nt gna work this is 21st century almost every dude is doing it. I sometimes love it more than sex, yea i said it. But when a guy gives the hot n cold treatment with ur p***y its the best thing,ur body is uncontrollable because ur body cant regulate the various temperatures so quickly. Even that chocolate n strawberry syrup thats added down there, i swear my vagina is a fckn smoothie r a sundae. I just keep gettin licked n sucked in every position possible. DNT GET started when u have that feeling like ur about to c*m, legs vibrating like crazy but the guys always stop n i NEVER EVER GET TO C*M THAT SUCKS I KNOW. MHHMM I WONDER IF ANY GUY CAN ME C*M?? BUT IM JUST A GIRL THAT LIKES GETTIN MY **** EATEN. IM JUST A GOOD GIRL :D
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I love this story,cause even tho Im
black with a 9 inch thing-sometimes [a lot of times] Id rather give a long,slow nasty,hot ***** lick than ****

wow 9inches papi...DAMN!!! u trying to a kill a sista r what?? lol im jokin but Damn!! mhhmm i woud like that tho,nice n slow.

naw,I rarely hurt a girl,I dont try to put it all the way in,just enough to feel the wet grip.But that's a whole nother conversation,I got girls for that [Im married,with a long-term fwb on the side].
I have fantasized having a girl I could hook up with for a 'meet and eat' weekly,monthly or whatever-as long as she spreads em wide and squirms those hips as i lick and suck that **** lightly and slowly,with that *** in my hands
actually,I like it with her on the edge of the couch or chair,cause I can see everything-any thoughts?

dammmnnn!!!! u need to stop i just outta the shower.im gettin steamy again. mhhm meet n eat sounds wonderful. i never had done off the edge of the couch.But i have it on top of a table n a drawer in my room n in a car o course

if you could message [how do i privately send you my e-mail/facebook or fetlife info?]
I could share my thoughts more fully
I don't stop for a really long time,and then just to take a break

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