Its Ocd Thing ..

But i also have alot of clutter ...  mentally and physically .But im going to be working to beat this .. because i know i need cleansing in my life ...and im ready for it to happen ,I need it to happen .. and im going to strive for the best .
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1 Response Jun 12, 2007

We all have daily clutter but it gets better when you know whats important and whats not important I always start with how does this affect me does it or dosent it affect me if not then its out gone on the last thought with things that affect me I have a priority list <br />
example <br />
Important (decisions)<br />
I will have a look at it catogrey (would like )<br />
Maybe (I,ll give it some thought)<br />
I am not saying that I have right but I am working on it and this may work for you as well<br />
Cheers and good luck