The Sybian Ride

He had this device called the sybian ride, and he made me get naked and get on it. I straddled the thing and lowered my ***** down onto it, feeling it penetrate me, until I was sitting on it with the ****-like protrusion up inside me. Then he strapped me down so that I could not get off it, and there I was, naked in the middle of the room with this mechanical device between my thighs.

Then he turned it on, and almost immediately I was gasping with delight. The thing pulsated and vibrated, and had a thrusting motion as well, and my entire pelvic area seemed to come alive as it quivered and vibrated. In very short order, I could feel myself just losing control and my ****** was already building very quickly inside me. My naked body was writhing so wantonly upon it, and I was moaning and crying out with joy, such a brazenly aroused woman, shamelessly proclaiming my delight for his enjoyment. My ****** just seemed to come from my deepest most sensitive spot and I could not suppress my depraved scream of ecstacy as I rode it with wild abandon.

With me, one ****** is almost always followed by another and then another, going off like a string of firecrackers, wracking my body with involuntary shudders of delight as I helplessly surrendered to the incredibly powerful sensations that sybian ride was giving me.

I was still there strapped to that device, lost in the throes of countless *******, as his guests began to arrive, and they gathered around to watch my glorious torment and enjoy the sight of my luscious body shaking and writhing so wantonly, as my screams of joy echoed off the walls. Several of them could not resist moving closer and hands reached out to carress and fondle my jutting breasts and tweak my painfully stiff nipples, which added additional sensations to my already overloaded mind. Two women leaned in on either side of me and captured my nipples between their lips, sucking and licking hungrily, as I helplessly rode that thing, and their men moved in behind them to push up their skirts and began to **** them from behind as they sucked on my nipples, those ***** already rock hard from watching me.

It all turned into a blur, as I lost touch with everything, unable to think of anything except the mind numbing pleasure I was receiving, my brain in a fog of sexual bliss as I came over and over, each successive ****** growing seemingly more and more intense, until at last I felt myself fading away to some other place, and I just blacked out.

When I came to, I had been untied and allowed to crumble to a heap on the carpet, my naked body still trembling and quivering with the aftershocks of all those powerful *******, and as I slowly regained focus, I became vaguely aware of the sounds of another woman who was wildly excited and obviously in throes of ******, I slowly lifted my head and saw her, straddling the sybian ride, just as I had been, and she too was being driven out of her mind with wild delight, She looked incredibly beautiful as her breasts bounced and jiggled, her body undulating so sensuously, her head thrown back and her eyes clamped shut. I wondered if I too had looked so magnificently beautiful as I rode that thing, and I began to envy her all the pleasure she was obviously enjoying, strangely wishing it were still me there on that sybian ride.

But alas, it was not to be, as women lined up and begged for turns on that sybian ride, and the rest of the evening was spent with everyone enjoying the show as woman after woman were driven crazy as they enoyed the sybian ride. It was one of the most erotic and sex charged nights I can ever remember, watching all those women nakedly astradle of that thing, one after another, and all the men so turned on as they watched it.

Although I was not allowed another turn on the sybian ride, I did get to enjoy sucking off lots of those rock hard ***** and I was able to enjoy being ****** by a number of men as well. By the time the party finally broke up and he finally allowed me to get dressed, I was sex drunk, completely light headed and barely able to focus enough to make it to my car and drive home to my waiting husband.
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Very Nice - I just ordered one as a present for my Wife. I am hopeful she will enjoy it.

Great story, I would love to have a go on one.

I just ordered one for my Wife.

Was it better than the real thing? Sure sounds like it. There are times I wish I had a ***** to be ******.

I would love to watch you on a Sybian. Do you have a video? Women do have more ways to enjoy sexual pleasures than men.

I have been looking for one I don't think they are available where I am

Very hot story you will have to get one of those toys for yourself

I think those things may be actually dangerous. *giggle* They seem to drive women crazy.