I Love Women That Can ****** At Least 5 Times

 I have been lucky enough to meet women that love to have as many ******* as possible and I`ve met several ladies that squirt . Feeling a womans legs wrapped around my head squeezing, trembling and quivering when she explodes into my mouth is a wonderful, fantastic and fabulous thing to experience. The first time a lady ever squirted in my face I thought I got hit by a tsunami, she told me she forgot to tell me she squirted so I had to check this squirting thing again. I got down between her legs until I could feel her getting ready to  ****** again so I moved to the side and stimulated her with my fingers until she exploded, OMG !!!!, her juices shot out of her and landed between her knees and her ankles. Ever since that fantastic event I look for women that can squirt and completely drench my face and I swallow as much as I can.
Pmacphoto Pmacphoto
70+, M
May 25, 2012