About four years ago I came across OSHO's book "The Spiritual Path  Buddha, Zen, Tao, Tantra" at a book store.  I was travelling at the time, so due to the size of the book I did not purchase it.  I kept in mind a few passages that I read and decided to purchase the book at a later time.

  Approximately two months later I visited my brother and noticed OSHO's book on his shelf.  During my two week visit, I read much of it.  A month from departing my brother's, I came across the same book while visitng the Dharma Drum Retreat Center in New York state.  There I continued my reading.

  Two years, or so, later my brother found the book at a store and purchased it for me.  After reading it a few times, I took the book to Monteal, Canada to give to a fellow monk that I knew would appreciate OSHO's writings.  It was a bit difficult to give it away but I wanted to share the enlightenment. 

  When came back to the monastary, I decided to clean out a storage room in the ashram.  Going through the past years collection of items left behind, I found... "The Spirtual Path  Buddha, Zen, Tao, Tantra" by OSHO.  I contacted the monk who left it behind, his name was in the book, to ask if he wanted me to mail it to him.  He told me that he left it behind on purpose with the hopes that somebody would find and read it.  He too had to lighten his travelling load by leaving many books behind.

P.S.  I were white dhotis while serving (seva) at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temples.

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Namaste<br />
Lovely story, having read most of Oshos books, i then watched a video of him goodness his eyes were entrancing and his movements so beautiful. Cant tell you how many times i laughed out loud especially when breaking conditioning, he said on American television Mother Teresa should jump in a lake. Thank you for sharing your story<br />
Peace and love<br />

Beautiful sharing. Thank you wow you would look amazing in white!

and I bought the same book from a bargain bookshop! brilliant it is too!!!