Nothing To Lose But Myself.

to see clearly to feel at ease what we need is time. unless we settle this everlasting problem with time we are losing our clarity. managing time is the most difficult problem now a days. every day we live only with questions and that to of the future. to earn money, to satisfy someone , to answer others to find fault with others, what is this. you see the sorry state of affairs. all because of time. even to meditate we are short of time. are we stupid
?/////// i think the possible solution is just to let things happen. anger comes, feel of loneliness comes , even i find laziness in me, but i try my level best to fight time. i have nothing to lose. already many lost even without knowing at least for now let me have the prestige of losing myself.
arudhra arudhra
31-35, M
Sep 19, 2012