Okay is there somebody who would like to chat with me? :) I am friendly so don't worry we can talk about everything just....I'd like to meet new people here! ^^ And maybe make some new friends! :D Because in reality I have problem with speaking thanks to my timid and shy personality ^^" So I'll be thankfull to all people who would like to chat with me :3
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What are some anime series that your currently watching? Any of the big 3?

I watched Bleach till they stopped new episodes :D Now I watch Fairy Tail....and I watched OP too ^^ and I am watching now Jigoku Shoujo :3

Nice, how is jigoku shoujo, what's it about? I'm big on naruto, I love the story and characters.
Have you seen angel beats?

I see Naruto is awesome too but somewhat I just liked Naruto not Naruto shippouden :/ :) ....Jigoku shoujo is horror anime which includes several stories about people who wants revenge and that revenges grants them Jigoku Shoujo Emma Ai ^^

Sounds good I'll have to check it out.
What's your favorite anime feature film?
For me Akira and Paprika

You definitely have to it's really cool anime ^^ Hmm Kotonoha no niwa I think this film is my favorite ^^

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