If I have one of my attacks, you better get out of the way: I will take a knife to myself, I will tear my apartment to shreds, I will do impulsive things, I cry and scream, I just lose it...  Glass objects become throwing objects and weapons...thank goodness there's no roommate

I see the people that did this to me everywhere... I just want to hurt them as much as they hurt me...

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you seem like you were really hurt by people. and i COMPLETELY understand. I know how you feel and i know that some people probably make you feel like a freak because of your anger. but i know how we get so angry sometimes that we completely spin out of control. i think that you are a beautiful person...if you get that angry then that means that you have been really hurt and the people who have been hurt are people who tried to be friends...tried to be there for people in need..and just are sensitive caring loving people. and probably got screwed over by the people we tried to help. i really think that you should do this...i think that you should try to relax more. and i mean it. you need time for yourself. you should just always have music playing in your apartment..songs that really make you feel better..... it will calm you down. and i think that you should just forget about the people who hurt you. they are not worth it. you should start doing things for yourself that will make you feel good about yourself. like go get your hair done or go shopping...you don't have to go crazy just spend time for yourself because YOU deserve it ! :)

Haha I think I need anger management

not much i can say but *hug*. i'm more of the self abusive person but i can understand where you're coming from.