I Am So Out Of Shape!

I remember sitting in my car at a Kmart parking lot a number of years ago watching a huge fat couple get out of their car and begin to waddle across the parking lot. After walking about 10 steps, I watched them stop and rest. They obviously needed to catch their breath before they could proceed. As they stood there, they hugged one another and gave each other a big kiss. Then they walked perhaps another 10-15 steps hand in hand before they had to stop again. It took them a very long time to finally get to the front doors of the store. I sat there in my car getting very turned on watching the two of them wiggling and jiggling and struggling with every step to move their bodies toward the store.

Today, after gaining so much weight over the past 10 years, it was me at my local KMart struggling to walk across the parking lot. I probably had to stop at least 4 times before I arrived at the front doors. With every step, I felt myself become more winded as my fat belly, hips and butt rippled in waves when I moved. Even my huge man boobs were flopping around inside of my shirt as I walked. I am so out of shape. It is getting harder and harder to get motivated to do anything more than sit or lay around and indulge my cravings for rich fattening foods. Oh how I wish I had a big gal at my side to hug, and hold and kiss as we both rested on our way across the parking lot.
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6 Responses Feb 12, 2011

Nice man msg me tell me how much i weigh im 16 and weigh 409 lbs

A lovely image of the fat couple..and to be able to experience it yourself is awesome!

I wish I could!

So awesome!

True love the story! Im so lazy n out of shape i just eat all the time n watch tv if i go out its to eat My boyfriend loves my belly and watches me grow fatter n fatter so he takes care of me and stuff. Hope u find that special someone keep eating

I can tell by your writing that you love your boyfriend very much!

Very funny and true story. As I have become fatter and fatter, I notice the change in my shape and the fact that I am more and more out of shape. Luckily for me I have a nice supportive wife who is also very fat so we get to enjoy each other's size.

That was a cute and touching story. I know the out of shape part pretty well now...I find myself getting winded very easily anymore.

Awesome story.