Wow! Am I Ever Out Of Shape

About a week ago, I attempted to run half a block (about 50 yards) to catch a bus.  I had to stop after running less than 25 feet because I was gasping for air.  I knew I was getting more out of shape but I didn't realize how well I was doing (that's what 10 years without exercise does for you).  I'm happy with my total lack of fitness and I'm never going to exercise again.

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how about you try to loose some weight

I have no desire to lose weight.

How about we make you huge and fat?

Huge and fat is what I want to be.

Me too! :)

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Yeah...overexerting yourself burns too many calories! ;)

I think cutting down your rate of walking would be good. After all, even though you want to stay mobile, you don't want to overexert yourself.

i'm still actively (no pun intended) being as slothful as ever but in the interests of being able to move i cointinue to walk as a way to get my legs stronger so i can carry my ever growing personel supply of lard around. however, at the first sign of getting out of breath or that i feel that my heart rate is going up i'll stop and rest. don't want to over do it, you know. i don't walk any faster than a step a second so that's pretty slow. maybe i should cut back to a step every second and a half. being out of shape uis actually a lot of fun.

Yes it is! So is pigging out and growing fatter.

If you are thinking you want to stay in decent shape, you may want to do some walking. It's easier than jogging and gets you off the couch. The longer you go without exercise, the harder it is to get back in shape. Personally, I enjoy being horribly out of shape but it's not for everybody.

That's a good plan!

It doesn't take long for laziness to sneak up on you. If you want to stay in decent shape, it'll take some work. Or, you can take the easy way and lounge on the couch. That would be my choice.

mine too

Me 3!

I think I've made some progress in becoming more out of shape. I get out of breath just climbing one flight of stairs so I think I'd drop from exhaustion if I had to carry something. The only exercise I can handle is shoveling food into my mouth and waddling from the couch (only if I have to).

Woah! Now calm down there! That's too much exercise for you! Let someone get you lots of food and you'll be right as rain again!

As I am now at 380 with a 62 inch waist I have found my walk has slowed. My belly sticks out when I walk and after eating walking is more of a round motion since I am generally full. I like the way that feels with my belly pushing out above and below my belt. When I go up stairs I can feel my belly hitting my thighs and I can also tell I am not going up the stairs very fast. Going down stairs I have to go slowly usually with a hand on a rail so I can be steady and see where I am going. My belly blocks my downard view so i take the stairs on trust albeit slowly.

since your first poting how far have you progressed in becomeing even more out of shape? i've found out that i have progressed some. at the begining of summer i moved a portable a.c. to a room downstairs of my home. it was a struggle but doable. a week ago i disconnected it and tried to move it back to it's storage room. i could barely get it up one step at a time! i was totally winded by the fourth step. it took me around fifteen minuets to get the damn thing up all the steps and i was totally exhausted. another milestone to sloth.

I know how the feeling is that after a large meal, you have to sit and rest and let things settle. I find that to be the case more and more. Luckily when I do that for lunch I get to have a sitting job. I try to walk to stay somewhat in shape. I have noticed that as I have become fatter (now around 380) my walk has slowed. I also notice it takes more of an effort to go up and down stairs. Going down is not taxing, I just need to watch my step because my belly blocks my view. I enjoy swimming as a way to get some exercise with less gravity pull. Good luck with your gaining efforts.'s part of my fat building workout. First I give my arms a workout by lifting lots of fattening food from the plate to my mouth. I follow it up with weightlifting, 12 ounces at a time. After such vigorous exercise, I need to sit down for several hours.

That's enough exercise for one day! Unless you want some more by eating desserts and lots of snacks afterwards! You'll be in shape in no time! :) have the right attitude about exercise. Keep it up and, with any luck, you'll be struggling to waddle from the couch to the kitchen.

One can only hope! :)

that's so true.

What's not to enjoy? Being out of shape is easier than exercising.

glad you enjoy being out of shape.