Nudist Bill4u2love

Hi,every buddy,NudistBill, here boy do i ave cute little Nude Beach story for all of you.Will it all started in 1974 in California, when the Nudist Era was starting, i dee started out by going to Santa Cruz,Calif.There i went to a place there in Santa Cruz, called the Beach&Board walk, to wear you can go on rides, will when i went there, i notice that the people there were wearing G-Strings swim suite, to where in my Book it was setting the Nice Girls or women to get rape for somthing they like do such as to have fun getting a nice tan.But then i went to a Nude Beach 6miles outside Santa Cruz,to where i got Naked right away and i enjoyed myself.Will i was eating my lunch&drinking a soda and just about to eat a host twinky when what poos up beside me a Naked lttle Blonde girl, will i look over at her holding my twinky in hand& in front of my mouth. as look at the little Naked girl she ask me if she could have one of my host twinkys& i thought about it& then iask her where her mom was and she pointed&so said go ask your mommy and if your mommy ok will i held the twinky up so her mom could see it and her mom said yes, not to long the little girl was down to where i was in  flash.I then told her to let her mom open it, will that little girl must of inhelled that host twinky because she was back in a flash.I tuoght that it was cute. then in 6-1,96 to Oregon to where went to a Nudist Beach there in Oregon/then i went too a Nudist resort called the restful Heaven.Now im here in Jacksonville,Fl looking for a Nudist Beach&Resort.      

NudistBill4U2Love NudistBill4U2Love
Mar 25, 2009