By Nature

I'm ouspken, frank, honest, very much. People around me have no idea how much I keep inside, and how much I hurt, how much I don't say, just not to hurt them or ruin whatever they believe in, their dreams. It's important to have dreams, and I know some of them do so much efforts. I don't want to break that. When I'm outspoken, I don't even want to hurt people, but to help them see what they don't see. I want to go good, and would like things to best the best possible. I put to much pressure maybe. On myself at least. I'm drunk tonight (if I wasn't I wouldn't write that all), once in a while I am, to get rid off all that's been caught inside for weeks or months, years sometimes. There must be another way (?)

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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

im pretty outspoken too but didnt used to be!