Dating Requirement From My Daughter

I was driving in the car yesterday when my daughter says she wants to be Mrs Justin Beiber so badly. Now, she's only ten and this is not the first time she's ever wanted to be someone's Mrs. I ask her why is she in such a rush to get married? She says because Mom, I don't want to be single and lonely. I tell her just because you're single, it doesn't mean that you're lonely. You can have plenty of good male friends and hang out with a different person every night if you wanted to. She smiles and says you're right.

SO I ask her, is it okay now for Mom to start dating? Her smile disappears and she screams out WHAT?????? I laugh. She starts blurting out all these questions. Who is he? Where is he? What does he do? And why do you have to date? You're too busy!

She pauses for a minute. And with a serious look on her face, she asks.....Can he afford me? I die laughing! I tell her that I can barely afford her myself.

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4 Responses Jun 29, 2010

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............ very good story i thing every body i reading story

ohh..what lovely's seems that your daughter is too best wishes to your family.

Oh my, sounds like your hands are full with that one. . . LOL

I love that story. Your daughter sounds very funny. Good luck with everything!