Wtk If Anyone Here Started Dating Right Out Of An Unhappy Marriage...any Advice?

I am in a situation where I MAY be getting involved with someone who is ending a bad marriage. Don't know for sure...our conversations have been somewhat discreet lately...but I somehow see it coming, based on our history. I have posted other stories about this; the main story is at EP Link

It brings back memories of when my Mom & Dad divorced, and he started dating my stepmom almost right away. I was a kid at the time; Mom & Dad went to the UK for the summer, while I stayed with my Aunt & Uncle here in the US. About midsummer I got a letter from my Dad telling me about the divorce, and my Mom came back on her own early. When my Dad came back at the end of summer, he & his soon-to-be 2nd wife started dating regularly. I haven't asked my Dad about his side of this story (and Mom is deceased), but I can't possibly imagine that the divorce was wrapped up when he started dating my stepmom!

Anyone been party to this kind of experience? Any advice for someone who may be going there?
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:) Hi, It seems a smart decision, I wish you very good luck!!!!!

Hi Azuldream, thanks for your comment. My situation has changed in that I have decided to just be friends with the woman referenced in the above links to my other stories. I made this decision partly because she developed skin cancer, which made her more dependent on her estranged husband, who she ended up getting back with. But most recently, her skin cancer has been treated successfully, she's in good health, and she's back on track with plans to start her own business and regain financial independence. And she seems uncertain about the future of her marriage. Not to mention that she made noises about taking me to her hometown for an annual festival so she can introduce me to people she grew up with - wanted me to make it a "date". And that after I told her about someone else I'm interested in. Really surprised me...but still only interested in being friends with her, nothing more.

Hi cobalt, I just read this message today, then i don't know if your situation is still the same... but my personal experience on this is that people who has not finished previous relationships or resolved old problems don't have the capacity at that particular time to make you happy or make themselves happy... after negatives experiences people need time to rebuild themselves, to start all over again... otherwise they are taking the chance to bring their past problems to their present life and to Your life... I hope this may help you think in case you still have the same concern... Good Luck!!