Lonely Night

My husband moved out today. He had abruptly said that he wanted a divorce earlier this year but I have since discovered that was after he had begun an affair. This house is very large and lonely and I'm not sure what to do with myself. I have a 'to do' list a mile long but no energy to tackle it. So I sit here with a glass of wine, looking for a little company among strangers I guess.....
fyrecroft fyrecroft
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1 Response Jun 25, 2011

Hi... I was having a quick look to some posts, and my eyes stopped in yours... I had a very similar experience, I am in a country different than mine, I don't have children because my ex didn't want more, he has 3 from a previous marriage, I don't have family or even friends actually because out of sadness I chose to be almost completely alone for the past two years... huge mistake... I did have like you a long To Do list but not the will to do a thing, then i decided to get a puppy over a year ago because I was feeling very lonely... at the beginning I thought i wouldn't have enough energy or desire to take care of her, but now my puppy has made such a difference in my life... what I mean is try to do something, whatever is easy for you right now, it doesn't have to be the To Do list or a puppy... but something that help you bring back those feelings of enjoyment and happiness that comes from inside of you and doesn't depends of anybody else... Bet for yourself, for your life AND WIN... Love yourself more than what you loved him and the marriage, I believe that is the key... which I have to remind to myself still at times... <br />
Good Luck And All The Best To You!!!!!!