Our 7th Date

It was a chore Friday. I had to give blood for doc's test, drop off form at docs, plus various other chores. So I took the Friday off. Texting my lover through out the chores, scheduale. She was commenting on how poor her day was at work. She liveas around 80 miles north of me. I was heading back for last chore, talking to her, coming up on exit of highway for last chore. I asked "would you like to met at our favorite Cracker Barrel" (which is half way between our houses.) She said you would do that for me". "Yes " I replyed "I need an answer if you want to met, here is my exit". "Yes" she said as I bypassed my exit. I told her " I will kiss your bad day away, You can get lost in my kisses". A little later we met, we kissed, we talked, we kissed and kissed and kissed some more.
Hours later she had to go back to work. We kisssed & kissed then parted. Until next time.
I love spending time with her.
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* melt * how cute are you two ??

its a love story

Just for you. My pleasure making your day better.